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How to unlock SIM card lock

Written by Rauf Saddique

In this global world, we have become addicted to our smartphone, when we got a phone and connected to the world, everything goes fine. But, when you find your mobile phone is locked with the SIM lock or phone lock, and you have no access to any other network carrier, and your phone does not support any other network, your blood pressure will start arising.

In this post, we are going to shed light on the topic of how one can unlock SIM card lock or a phone lock. Just read the full article and unlock your mobile phone.

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How to unlock SIM lock of your phone?

There are many ways by following which you can unlock the phone, but all of them will cost some service charges. Like, by paying your mobile developers or manufacturer you can unlock your phone.

But as I said, they will cost some dollars to do that, you also can use some tools to unlock the SIM lock, but most of the tools are fake or useless.

The question will arise in your mind, why a developer or a brand would like to place the user in discomfort by placing SIM lock. Guys, there are financial benefits, and the service provider or network which are unlocked on your phone pays the brand to lock this only carrier so that the user will not be able to use any other carrier.

How to use Galaxsim unlock pro:

You can use and download Galaxsim unlocks pro, the most used and top-rated tool in the market to unlock your mobile phone.

First, download this tool from the given link, and install it on your mobile phone.

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As you are not downloading this tool from Google Play Store, you would get some error when you will try to install it on your mobile phone. This is a common problem, no worries, nothing in this app when you try to install an app which is not downloaded from Google Play store; Google needs the user to change some setting.

Like, tap on setting > tap on security setting > and check the unknown sources button.

Now, try to install the application, hope this will lead you to smooth installation.

Now, open the Galax Sim unlocks pro application, and launch this on your mobile phone, this will show the image like that.

Now you will be able to see what is locked on your phone and what feature is unlocked. Like phone lock, SIM lock, SP lock, CP lock and data lock.


You will see the lock in front of network lock, and all other options will be unlocked.

Press the restore EFS button and within seconds, you will see the lock will become unlocked.

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You easily can use the application to unlock the country lock, SP lock or CP lock, just like that.

Features of Galaxsim Unlock tool:

This tool got so many features and functions, one can use it for any brand, any model to unlock any carrier. You have no need to worry about any kind of data loss or data hack by using the tool.

  • Unlock all brand SIM lock
  • It can unlock SIM lock, Phone lock, Country Lock; SP lock OR CP lock of a phone.
  • Even can unlock the region lock of a brand
  • Got very friendly interface, even a kid will be able to use it to unlock the SIM or carrier lock
  • Will get you root access if you have not gotten the root permission for your device.
  • Free of cost, have no need to pay anyone any amount to use the services.
  • Supported by 16 languages

So, this was the little information regarding unlocking the SIM lock, you can have more such tools and application from, if there is any problem in the tool, or the application is not working for your brand, must comment in the section.


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