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Written by Rauf Saddique

In order to maintain your website ranking, you need to optimize your website on regular basis. That is the sole purpose of your blogging life, the ranking of a website is a constant fight between you and search engines. With each step in the ranking ahead of a website, you are crossing the level of the game. So, you need to have a close eye on the latest development, what is happening in the SEO field and what are the major changes. You need to adopt those changes, as maintaining the ranking will be directly proportional to the earning.

Maybe the techniques which you are using right now or had been used in past to rank a website, do not work now, as Google changes the algorithm to rank down the spammers.

Read and learn the latest development in the Search engines, and what the key factors which are ranking a website. Maybe you got the best content, and you are providing best services, but all will go in vain when the users will not be able to reach your website. When your website will be on the last pages of search engines, whatever the content you have posted will never be appreciated.

Google without a single doubt, the giant of Search engines, and the clear winner in a battle of search engines have about 55-60% of all traffic, and the Yahoo runner-up a clear danger closet runner-up, got 15-20% of all traffic, and the third MSN is distant with only 10% of traffic.

So, all of your efforts should be adopting all the changes made by Google, and doing all that have been mentioning by Google. If you got good ranking over Google, you will be a successful blogger.

Google often changes the algorithms and never allows people to manipulate the ranking by using some tactics. That is the good thing though, Google wants to provide the unbiased results for searches, and do not want that marketers will change the ranking by knowing the factors with which Google rank a website. Otherwise, Google will become a creep, and the user will start not to search on Google when they find some spam website is on the top of the hierarchy.

SEO does not mean, you just only adopt what Google is changing, you should be honest to your users, provide the best stuff online, SEO helps to recognize your online content, and if Google finds it worthy, your ranking will be on the top of search engine.

So, these are some key points which in our opinion are best and worst for your ranking. So, should be careful about what you are doing regarding your blog, otherwise, will be out of the picture very soon.

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The dos of SEO:

To make sure that you are on the top of Google searches, these are some dos you should follow to rank your website, top of the Google searches.

Relevant backlink:

In past days, the only way to rank a website was to put your keyword in the post, and every heading subheading should be stuffed with the Keyword. That was the only thing, and you were the top of search results.

In these days, in my opinion, Google searches are all about link profile, if you got a great link profile, relevant to your content or field, you would get better results day by day.

I am not saying, you should start commenting down on the blogs with your website link, with this, you will get Google spam penalty, and the site will be de-index from the searches.

Google places a huge amount of trust on the websites which are linking to you, again, this is not the quantity, it is the quality. If you get a do follow backlink from BBC and you get one thousand backlinks from another website which do not have that kind of great metrics, then BBC backlinks will be a clear winner.

Search engines look how relevant the backlinks are, and what is common between both the websites. The more relevant your website and content will be the more link juice you will get.

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Keywords placement:

Though Keywords may no longer the sole reason of rank a website, still got pretty much importance, last and the least, Google searches the Keywords and after that determine which should be top of the searches and which should not.

So, placing a keyword is pretty much important for you, but that placement should be natural, should not look like you have stuffed the keywords like stuffing of chicken in Turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

Plus, do not use the same keyword phrase again and again in your post; you should use some relevant words which got the same meaning as your main keywords.You know the search engines have become smarter than before, so they understand what you are trying to do.Placing of your main keyword in the domain will never hurt your rankings.

For examples, if you are thinking about creating a blog on mobile phones, then placing mobile in the beginning of your domain name, not in the stem will never hurt you But, placing that on the stem of your URL will make search engines unhappy with your blogs, and there are chances that some search engines might penalize your website.

Placement of the keywords in the title, tags, and description is not going to tease you, though Meta description is not got that much of importance, as it uses to be in the past, but will not tease you or hurt you.Title of the post, should not exceed the 55 characters, otherwise, Google will cut short your title, and it is not a great practice.

Your post should be highly targeted, long-tail, specific and short, avoid long stories, be specific, targeted, and write for the humans, not for search engines.

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Use online directories smartly:

Start your link building by creating and submitting your website to the important online directories. Like Yahoo and, this will help your website to score higher in the ranking.

You should submit your website to the smaller directories as well, major search engines find it very relevant and surely this is going to help you on top the chart.


Point your rich content links within a website:

Link building is the key factor nowadays to rank a website, but the same thing can damage your entire website ranking. So, the only thing you should be careful about is the link building, a bad and toxic link would be destructive, but you can point your own links within a website. Interlinking is the best key to increase the links to your website, but there should be content on the page from where you are linking the other page or post.

In old days, we had used only links to point out the other link to a website, but it does not work at this age. So, only point the relevant content on your website, and too much of link also can hurt your readers, few specific and targeted links would not be hurtful.

Disavow poor backlinks:

You should take care of your backlinks, I am repeating this phrase again and again, because the sole thing got too much of importance, that it should not be underestimated.

Sometimes, you competitors can link your websites with poor, spam and porn sites, which will be destructive for your website and you will see a drop-down in the traffic or users.

So, you should write down all the backlinks which you had made and regularly check those backlinks. If you found some bad links have been pointing your website, disavow that backlinks. It will be like telling the search engines not to include these links in ranking my website.

Social Signals:

In past days, social signals were the important factors for ranking a website, now though got not much importance. In fact, when you are competing with a big fish, the minor factors become very important and necessary, that is the thing which creates a difference.

After creating a perfect backlink profile, and doing all the stuff which I already have mentioned, put your website link on social media websites. Like, create a Facebook page with the same name of your website, and try to engage this with your customers or viewers by providing them your most used pages.

Or provide helpful information which can hit their balls, so that they could click on the link to give you a great lead.

Don’ts of SEO:

With doing so much of things, you should take care of something which you should not do. In competition with a hard Keyword, you should take care of every inch of your websites.

So, what you have been doing in the past, it is not necessary will fetch traffic for you now. Engage yourself with all the latest developments in the SEO industry, and adopt that change.

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Keyword stuffing:

The most important thing while creating a post for your website, you should not stuff your keyword again and again. In the past, that was the best practice to stuff the post with the keywords and get the higher ranking on search engines.

Now, search engines do not only search for the main keyword but also relevancy, if your data which you are putting on your site, got no relevancy, only the keywords are being repeated then you might get a penalty from Google, and Google can de-index your website.So, be natural, and go with the flow, do not willingly put the same keyword, just mention if necessary in your post.

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Site structure should not be uncrawlable

Your site structure should be neat and clean, and every user could be able to find everything that he/she want to search. Your site structure should be easy to go with every post.Should create a proper category, proper Menus, and put the relevant stuff on these categories and menus

Do not make too much of categories, and menus, a long-list of menus will spoil your entire website optimization.Put general categories, and take too much of care of user experience.Google will not be able to crawl your website if you have no proper website structures.

Avoid Links pages:

Stop dropping your links to the pages, where every neighbor Kids put the link and wish to rank a website higher in Google searches.

Google knows about the pages, and when all cousins are dropping links, it is clear to understand what is happening there.

That links only spoil the ranking of your website if you have already done this kind of mistake, then monitor all the backlinks and disavow that backlinks. It would be great for you, to search for the guest posts of the same content.


Do not try to cheat search engine

If friends of you trying to impress you with some tricks, you should be aware of such tactics, the days are gone when you use the tactics to cheat the search engine for getting the higher ranking. Hidden links, putting keyword phrase in the footer, buying backlinks from irrelevant websites, and to participate in the link networks nowadays are damaging instead of giving you some benefits. Search engines have become smarter than ever before, tricks do not work at this age, and if you get caught by the Google you would get brutal punishment.

Final words:

You should remember just one thing when you are doing all this, your purpose should be to provide the best contents and best services to the customers.

Sometimes by applying some methods or tactics, you might get higher ranking on search engines, but when a user will land on your website, he/she will find irrelevant and spam there and right away will go back. When most of the users will behave like that, search engines will come to know there is something wrong in this website, which is hurting users to stay long on that web page. Your bounce rate will increase, and search engines give importance to bounce rate, you will gradually start gaining lesser traffic, and one day, out of the picture.

User experience also got great importance for the search engines, if you are engaging well with a customer, and that customer browses different pages, read and got great information then the user will remember the domain address and will again search for your website.

So, the user should be the first priority, not the search engines or crawlers.


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