5 Benefits of Long tail Keywords

5 Benefits of Long tail Keywords
Written by Rauf Saddique

It is not a big secret now, Google had been changing the algorithm, and will continue updating in future, to cater the needs of the users, and that is the only reason Google has evolved through the years into a big corporation. About all the bloggers who worked on Web sites, and had tasted the salt of ranking websites on search engine knows the importance of ranking a website on Google. Though these changes sometimes, made some bloggers worried, their websites drastically went to the last page, which was on the top. And we know what had happened in the past was just perfect, with those continues updates, Google emerged as the winner. In past, the bloggers had been used some Keyword stuffing and backlinking techniques to top the ranking over Google, and they were quite successful at that time. But know, you will get a penalty if you start stuffing keyword over and over again in your post.

So, our today’s discussion will be about Longtail Keywords, and when did Google start emphasizing the importance of Long Tail Keywords.

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It started in 2004 when Chris Anderson wrote a long post about Longtail keywords, but the mainstream bloggers were not much impressed. The reasons were, the searches on Longtail Keywords were too low to work. So, when Google itself describes the CPC and CTR on Longtail Keywords, within the blinking of an eye, the mainstream and experienced bloggers started working on Longtail keywords, and the conversion of their websites gradually started improving.


What are long tails Keywords genuine?

Longtail keywords are the keywords or phrases which got more sense, more specific and targeted and describe the exact information to search on Google. They got fewer searches and less traffic on Google but more conversion and CTR.

If you want to work on Longtail keywords, you should be targeted to a specific region, specific market and should have a clear vision your product or services.

If you are trying to sell something on Google like if you are a Sofa Manufacture, and want to rank your website on this Keyword, it will almost be impossible for you to rank your website on this Keyword. The huge competition will never allow you to spot your website on the First page of the Google. So being a small entrepreneur, the idea you should follow that, you should be more specific or targeted about your product Sofa.

Instead of creating posts on Sofa, you should create, “best Italian made red color sofa in San Francisco” when you create this post, you will get targeted traffic. Whoever from San Francisco will search on Google to purchase a sofa land to your website?

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Being targeted and clearing the vision about your website will get you more lead and conversion, instead of working on high competition keywords, fewer leads, and conversion.

These are some more benefits one can get by using Longtail Keywords

5  Benefits of Longtail Keywords

Most of the newbies think that working on Longtail keywords is somehow difficult and complicated.The only thing you need to do, clear and good understanding of Long tails Keywords and benefits of it in SEO.

Less Competition

The one and only thing you should be clear about Longtail Keywords, your website will easily rank on Google, and you would be happy to see your post on the top of the Google if you are working on Longtail Keywords.

For example, if you are targeting the men’s shoes and trying to rank your business on the top of the Google, no doubt the Phrase and Men’s shoes got more searches as compared to long tail Keywords related to the men’s shoes. But, to rank that Keyword on that phrase is almost impossible for a small business guy.

According to the states, the phrase men’s shoes got 45,900,000 searches on the Google, and this only thing lures the Bloggers to start working on this keyword. As this kind of Keywords gives you lot more traffic if you are able to rank your website on the Google.

And we go through the more specific and targeted keywords Like Longtail keywords, Designer men’s shoes got 16,600,700 exact matches on Google, now we are going more specific Italian men shoes design in San Francisco got 2,200.875 searches on Google.

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As we see that Longer phrases searches are lowering down, and very few websites will put that phrases, that is less competitive. And if you got a business regarding that Men’s shoes Italian design in San Francisco, you will start earning leads in few days.Because, when a person will search on Google regarding this Keyword, he will be happy to see the product on Google in his own city, directly will convert to a purchase or ad click.

So, instead of working on Men’s shoe design and reaching the number 20 on Google, it would be ideal to spot on 1 with that Longtail Keyword, which is more specific and targeted about your business.

Higher CTR (Click through rate)

One of the less known benefits of using long tail keywords is More CTR you will get. As, you are providing the exact match product or information to the user, and there are more chances the user will click on Ads to buy a product to provide you lead or conversion.

There is already less competition on Longtail Keyword, and higher CTR would be the second benefits of using Longtail Keywords.
Google Love long tail and more specific and targeted keywords, in this way, Google put the relative ads on that content or post.

For example, if you have made a website and posted an article about men’s shoes Italian designs in Francisco, and there is an ad for that product on your post, the user will suddenly click on the ads to purchase that product.

“So, the fact is, Longtail keywords got more leads or click as compare to the short tail or less specific keywords.”


Easy to Rank

If you are a newbie it would be ideal for you to use Longtail keywords for your website. Because the less competition will make you on the top of the Google and search engines, so, when a visitor finds your website using these Keywords, more likely to purchase the product or buy your services. The longer and more specific Keywords gives more sense and meaning, plus the user will get the clear idea what he is going to read and what will be in the post. So, only that user will go to your website.

In this way, the bounce rate of the website will lower down and the user will spend more time on your website, in this way, the Google will trust on your website, and ranking will be great.

If you were to able to rank the Longtail keywords, like Men’s shoes Italian designs in Francisco, it already heads your main keyword Men’s shoes, so, it will open the gates for you to rank that Phrase too.

Higher conversion

It is evident if you are using Longtail keyword, the conversion will be higher and greater. If you are using longtail keyword, you already have clear head what you are selling, or what are your services, so placing ads on those websites will be easy. You will get the higher conversion, though fewer visitors will come to visit the website, but who will come will definitely give you leads and conversion.

The user also love to read what he had searched, he will get relative information about what they have searched, and viewing the ads relative to the searches will not irritate to the user.

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Lower PPC (pay per click)

Though Longtail keywords got more leads but less traffic. Competition is very low on the Longtails Keywords, due to the searches, so People would not create content on those topics. So, the advertiser will take no interests on Longtail keywords, less competition on AdWords will be. You have to pay a little amount to create ads for those long tail keywords.


Having these all things, still, you are getting targeted traffic, more leads, higher conversion, and low competition on Long tails Keywords.

At the end, I want to say, Longtail keywords really work to generate more leads and you will get the higher conversion on those Longtail Keywords. You should work on the Longtail keywords if you are interested in creating ads via AdWords, these Long tails work for you for placing ads on Google.

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