IPhone X: Specification, Features, and User Guide

iphone x features,specification and user guide
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The biggest news about the biggest giant of smartphones world, Apple has arrived; Apple is going to launch latest IOS 11 with iPhone X. If you love Apple’s gadgets or a big fan of Steve Jobs, you would be waiting, what are the new features and specifications of new releasing iPhone X?  There are some big changes and latest technology has been engaged with this new little creature. There were some buzzes around about 3D photography in this new iPhone, but nothing like this happened. Still 2D camera with inner depth camera, wireless charging undoubtedly will be a whole new concept. Though wireless charging the concept was already in the market with Samsung 8 note and Samsung 8 plus, but you know the iPhone is all about quality and quality. Though Apple is not going to launch its own Airpower for charging Apple gadgets in the next year, this will be in the market after one year, now, Apple has engaged with QI wireless charging, a third-party manufacturing.

Either you are a new user or have used iPhone; you still may need to read the user guide. Because there is something entirely different are going to happen, so, there are fewer chances that you would have known about them already. Like Face detection ID or use of Airpower.

Apple has already managed to bring something different to make people fall in love with their devices. The new Apple smart phone with latest features, instead of great feature is already creating hype in the market. Though Apple officials did not announce the release of the new iPhone X, there are chances of its release in Oct 2017

There are some Features and Specifications of iPhone X:

iphone x hit the global markets

iPhone X Design:

The designs Apple every time pays a great focus on this one thing, and about every time, they made the user happy than before. So, same happened this time also, the cool design, all glasses, CUT OUT sensors, front-facing camera and A11 bionic processor already magnified the beauty of this gadget.

Airpower- Wireless Charging:

Though the idea of wireless charging is not entirely a new, before this Samsung has already managed to release it with its latest released Samsung 8 note, but, the quality and design of the Apple products are always up to the mark. So, people were waiting for this with a new design and cool look. Though Apple is not going to release Airpower with iPhone X, this will hit the markets in next year.

The idea and charging via Airpower is, you just put your iPhone on a mat, and to control the power and connection there will light connection between. So, you can charge more than one devices via Airpower. Just put the gadgets like Apple watch, iPhone, iPods, and tablets on that mats, and charging will be going to charge all gadget simultaneously.

But before the release of the official Airpower of iPhone, you have to use the third-party Air power Like Qi Air Power are quite famous in the market, with its low prices and good results. You can buy it via Amazon; there will be one Airpower with the gadget as well.

iPhone X Display:

As you know iPhone is all about the experience, the premium smart phone with the premium users always offers the best display in the market.

iPhone has become the only brand in the market with Quad HD display of 2436×1124 Pixel.

The OLED and edge to edge display have already amused the audience and people are trying hard to book an iPhone over Amazon, but there is no official confirmation about booking order for the new gadget. You would wait for the official news and then rush towards online booking.

Face ID:

You would already have seen the touch Id in iPhone 7, this time you would not see any touch idea. Apple introduced Face ID in this new iPhone; you now, will lock your pattern with your face and unlock it with your Face. This new feature is the core of the heart, and getting appreciation due to its working algorithm and cool use.

There are the plenty amount of face facing sensors in this smart phone, the infrared cameras, dot projector, these all functions are there to make this feature a successful and useful one.

Though the concept of locking the phone with Face ID is not different, it has already hit the market, but no one impresses the audience as this brand has done. Before this, there were some errors while recognition the user Face because when you have had a beard, and when you clean shave, there are changes in the look of a person. So, those cameras were not able to fix this problem. But, the Apple Face ID will analyze the user face with a deep camera and infrared radiation, which will save the complete pattern of user’s face.

This system will have 30,000 invisible IR dots, so, when you will look at the phone it will be checked instantly at the real-time.

How to use Face ID to lock and unlock the phone:

The use of this feature of iPhone is completely different and easy.

This is the remarkable feature which will scan your face in milliseconds even in the nights; you have no need to make your face in the light to show it to the camera. The infrared will analyze your face in milliseconds and will unlock the pattern

If you do not know how to use this Apple Face ID feature then read the next few lines:

When you will activate your phone first time, it will ask you to activate your Face ID profile. If somehow you missed or skipped it, then open the setting, select the Face ID and Password and tap Enroll Face.

Follow the given instructions to add up your face in the Face ID, it will ask you to gently move your face in the upper and lower side or circular motion; you should do the same as required. It will save all the motions of you, will save all the features of your face to help you unlock the phone next time for a better experience.

Once the process is complete, you can tap on continue with enrolling of Face.

In this way, you can use your Face ID of iPhone X.

Now, the next time, either you are going to buy something from iTunes and App store, you just put your face instead of putting the password.

But, the good thing is, no one can unlock your account while you asleep. Someone can take benefit of this feature, just closing your iPhone to your face to unlock your account. This is not going to happen; Apple Face ID needs attention, which you cannot give while asleep.

Bionic Chip:

Apple new released iPhone will have Apple A11 chip with 3GB RAM and lot improved performance.

There will be 6 chipsets, 2 core chipset for boosting the performance and 4 cores chipset for the normal use and the efficiency.

Apple iPhone-X Specifications:

iphone x features and specifications

As of now, what we have known the specifications and features of the new releasing iPhone X are.

  • 8-inch Display with AMOLED display of 2436 x 1124.
  • A11 bionic chip with six core CPU
  • 3 GB Ram
  • 12-megapixel dual camera
  • 7 Megapixel selfie cameras with 2D zoom
  • 64 GB and 256 GB storage
  • Waterproof
  • IOS 11
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Split Status bar
  • Edge to Edge display
  • Face ID
  • Airpower, Wireless charging, for more than one device in one time

Apple iPhone X release date and Prices:

We already know about the launch ceremony of iPhone X, it will be released in the United States and the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Spain in tier-1 countries worldwide on 12 September

While the tier-2 countries will catch this new gadget in two weeks later about the tier-1 countries

Release date:  September 12, 2017

Availability date: September 25, 2017

Order date: September 15, 2017

We know the high prices of iPhone, the price in dollars will be $999, in India it will be 89,999, and In Pakistan, it will be about 99,999, in Euros, and it will be 837.

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