5 Best Inspirational Dropshipping Success Stories

5 Best Inspirational Dropshipping Success Stories
Written by Rauf Saddique

In the Previous article, I will simply elaborate you about what is dropshipping business and how to start your own.and in this article I will give you some social proof to inspire or motivate you.So enjoy and take an initiative to start your own empire.

E-commerce business is gradually increasing day by day; we already had listened to lots of story of making money via Shopify business or DropShipping business. Most of the guys from Asia still think drop shipping or E-commerce or online business as a scam. In this topic, we would like to shed light on drop shipping business and the details about this business and how one can successfully start this business with the real-life examples. The people who had already been successful and earned tons of amount of money within the shortest period of the time would also be listed in this topic. You just stick in here and read the topic, if you or your friends are thinking about to start a drop shipping business.


5 Top Dropshipping Success Stories:

Here we are going to share with you top success stories of drop shipping businesses:

Kingpin achieves $28000 in sales just in 30 Days:

kingpin file photo

You are not required to invent Facebook to become a successful entrepreneur, Kingpin a poor guy, started on drop shipping store, and now he owns about 7 online stores. The niche of all these stores is different and targeted countries are Australia, Canada, and U.S.A.

Now, he is earning a handsome amount, he sells about 500 sales in one day, and one of his stores is selling the products in which each product is not lesser than ten dollars. Kingpin do not have any programming skills or IT geek, he just loves what he does. When he was asked to guide the newcomers which want to make fortune in this drop shipping fields, he just says be white hat guy, do not deceive people, and create your own brand and trust. First, do niche research and then start your business. He himself did niche research for about fifteen days and then started the business, a successful one.

Here is the screenshot of kingpin best dropshipping store took on July 4, 2017. Hope this will motivate you 🙂

dropshipping success stories

If you want to read more about Kingpin, you see full inspirational story here.

Irwin Dominguez earned $1,000,000 in sales within 8 months:

irwin makes 1M+ in sales in 8 months through dropshipping

Dropshipping has become one of the fastest money making business, people are not attracting towards this, and some success stories are making their minds to do this. What Irwin Dominguez did it? He made sales about $1,000,000 in just 8 months out of his dropshipping business. Irwin told the newcomers who want to do dropshipping is to do it now, this is the best time. If I had to start dropshipping, I would have started it sooner. He added more, that if I had started dropshipping one year earlier, I would have been earning a lot more than this. So, start it now, there are plenty of opportunities for you. Do your niche research and start a dropshipping business to earn tons of money to fulfill your dreams.

With the clear mindset and with good intentions and working hard, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve.Irwin explained a lot more about his business spoke with Oberle co-founder, and it’s worth reading if you are just a newbie in dropshipping business.

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Mousslim reached $3,500 in 45 days:

Mousslim 20 years old passionate guy from France working in a restaurant, do not have any college degree. But, love to earn online, he expressed his feeling of earning online. Though he is not earning as much amount, as you were expecting, for a guy who does not have any college degree, working in a restaurant part-time is enough than sufficient.

mouslim earning screenshots

He said, he was involved in earning online, and purchasing used stuff and to sell it on some online shopping websites. But, later on, he came to know about dropshipping, before this, he used to buy stuff, receive it at his home and then send the product to the buyers. But, now, he sends the products direct to the customer, without of receiving at home, in this way he is earning a whopping amount of money. He is very positive about what he is doing, and we hope Mousslim will earn more than this amount.

Alex Boost $6,000 Sales in Four Months:

dropshipping success stories that inspire you

Alex 32 year’s old guy believes in their own classic format of Dropshipping business. He chooses a very different niche about dog’s jewelry stuff, and he became one of the leading dropshippers by earning this amount of money in just four months. He describes his journey of starting dropshipping business and earning this amount of money.

He said in starting the business, I did not research a lot about the niche, I love dogs, and being a good human, thinks stuff like this should be sold online, and started this business, and luckily got clicked.

He started his online store in July 2016, but he waited one month to get his first order, and in August he got first order of $1.16, he did not lose hope and works hard, now, he is enjoying a successful story.

Here is the screenshot of Alex dropshipping store dashboard:

dropshipping success stories

More added, when you try to start this kind of business, people use to tell you, this kind of business needs a special kind of knowledge and expertise. This is the wrong terminology, you just know the basics of selling and purchasing, and should know how to write the proper tags of your products, this is the only expertise you are needed.

Tomek earned $450,000 from its first Dropshipping Store:

Tomek started dropshipping store five years ago, and since then he has earned this whopping amount of money. Now, he is able to visit his desired place without of any economical hesitation.

He sold 2,500 orders in just one month, and the orders and sales are still growing. Tomik is very pessimistic about his business and store and guided the new people about getting traffic online from the social media.

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You are required to have good customer service and a good platform on which you can promote your store. His ideology about selling and purchasing is to sell an expensive product online, in this way you can earn a greater margin out of each sale. If you would sell 1$ product, the margin will be very low, and your cost will start to increase.

The most important and accurate thing to be a successful drop shipper is to gather correct people and right team around you. Tomek spends only 30 seconds in shipping the product to the customer with great customer care and services.

You can learn lessons from these successful drop shippers, they are very common and from very humble backgrounds, do not have any special skill and expertise, still growing, still earning a good amount of money.

You are not required to build a Facebook to become successful you should read the full case study regarding their successful online drop shipping business. You can take inspiration from them; the thing that is required is only passion, the lack of passion equal to lack of soul.

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These were some successful online dropshipping store stories, which belief in them and became the world’s biggest entrepreneur and earning billions of the dollar per year.

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