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Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing for Business

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing for Busiuness
Written by Rauf Saddique

The World is changing day by day, Japan is trying hard to make a way to live on Mars, even it has been indicated that Japan would be the first country to make a lift between Earths to Mars. Technology has changed a lot, people started moving cell phone to smartphones, browsing from the mobile phone has increased about 70% and in near future, there is an expectation it would increase more. In this global village, Social Media became the biggest medium to connect people. Facebook is the biggest giant of social media, this platform gets trillions of the hits in each month, and with the announcement of videos sharing portal and Advertisements it will flourish more. So, people are accessing brands via Social media, if your brand is not on social media, it means you are losing a big margin of your benefits.

Even HubSpot has claimed that 92% of the businessman all over the world found Social media generating more revenue and posture to their business. And more than 80% of the business person claimed that due to Social media their traffic has been increased more 90%. So, if you are hesitant about either Social media market will help you in growing your business or not, then read the next few lines, it will help you to clear your head.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Business:

To explore all the benefits of the Social Media for Business in this single post, would be difficult. I will try my best to make you familiarize the key benefits of Social media:
  • Know your Customer:

know about your customer


The key to success for every business is to know your business if you are not taking interest in this, you will be on air for all of your life, switching from one business to another. Facebook help you in this regard, by using Social media or Facebook you can understand the psychic of your customer. Which age people are impressing with your product, either you are hitting the younger generation or not. What are their feedbacks, what ladies think about your product, what should be the changes in your product? You can easily know all the things, and make changes in your product to flourish more and more.Here is a tip to Improve Conversions by more than 50% in your E-Commerce Store.

  • Branding:

use social media to built your brand


You can make your product a brand, which will be the real success of you. A brand is a product which needs no advertisement, and you have to know, about brand making. You got a new voice and medium to take your product a newer level. You got the millions of the people, you are going to enter in a big river, got more competitor, if your product got worth, you would get more sales and loyalty toward your fans.

So, Social media has made it easier and accessible to your customers and make it familiar to your new customer. For example, a person is in search for a cloth brand, and just came know some old brand, the person wants a new brand to use, suddenly, and he came to know about your clothing line from an ad via Facebook. The person would check your website, instantly and see all the products there; he would like to check the level of your brand and will make a purchase at least.

  • Customer Services:

provide customer support at social media


Though you have created Customer Services department to handle the issue regarding your product, according to researchers, a very few people do share their problems via Email and phones. They find it annoying to spend their time after spending a whopping amount of money. But, via Facebook, it seems like commenting on their friend’s timeline. People easily can comment and share their problem, you can filter all the comment to know the problem or error and easily fix that. People wanted to be easily helped via brand; they can communicate with your through Social media easily. And it will be a genuine and real issue to handle, which would be mentioned on Social media on your business page.

Moreover, you can make a poll, to let know, in which part or in which product you are getting the issue, and can get the feedback instantly, without spending any amount of money.

  • Search Rankings:

Though your product is the real face which will give you the permanent and loyal customer, thing is, that product should reach to the people at least once. So, for that one at least, you have to put your complete focus on this.

SEO ranking and your traffic are directly proportional; this social media strategy will boost your search engine ranking. As experts have started to believe now, it impacts a lot of your business page is available on Social media. If a lot of people are going to your website via the business page, it meant a lot for the search engine. You will get higher ranking due to this only factor, do not hesitate to be on social media, and start taking social media marketing a pivotal tool in your business.Here is a Video, Worth to watch:


Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing for Business:

So discussing Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Business, Here are some Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing for Business:

There is another side of social media and social media marketing, you should read this at least once, and then it is upon you, what you are going to do after reading this. If one people are sharing your post, for making your image better, the other one also can share the false story regarding your business product. And you know the human psychology when we just hear a bad word; it takes our memory and saves for rest of the life.

  • Negative Comments:

The two faces of one coin, comment, it can convert people to your loyal fan or hater. If a person does not like your product, or somehow, he was feeling something else, other than what you delivered, he will put all upon you. The person will start commenting bad things about your product.

And as the other person got the capability to read all the negative and positive comments, they will understand this as the right aspect of the story. As people are going to put money on your product when they found one bad comment it momentarily changes their mind.

There is another side of the story, your competitors might hire some people on social media, and their task is all about to write bad about your product. This is also known one of the best ways to defeat in the battle, there is nothing like character and honesty found in the marketing. So, Negative Feedback can spoil your entire product in a second, but as a whole, I have seen this, if your product is nice enough, averagely, it will get the positive feedback plus negative with some black sheep.

  • A Little Mistake:

A very little mistake can lead you and your business at the dead end. If you just posted something, you are a human and mistakes can be done by you, but the mistakes of the big products are unforgivable. Like happened with the Pizza Company last year, they just posted something, not as much deep as people started to make this, and that Pizza company has to apply to the people, and it will be a real embarrassment for a company and business product.

People are always there to react, on the social media, the news travels like never before, and there are greater chances of you to be caught if you really have done a little mistake.

  • Quick Response:

People really want a quick response on Social media, sometimes people needed a small answer regarding your brand or buying your product. If you did response after two days later or three days, they might forget why did he/she approach to a specific product? If you got a team of few members, you would not be able to do the task as efficiently and as successfully as your competitors are doing

  • Budget:

That is the most important and pivotal factor in social media marketing, according to a survey, Facebook earns more when your post got lower engagement. In this way, you will be eager to run ads via Facebook, and Facebook will earn a whopping amount. The meaning and importance of the social media are very evident, even your competitors have known the importance of the medium. If you got a very low budget, you really cannot survive on social media. You have to put a lot of money to compete, to make your product a brand on social media.

I have repeated this lines few times in this post as well, the real king is your product. If you got the product, which is really helping people or got worth for the people, you will start earning huge amount of money, this Social Media Marketing for Business can add Icing on the cake for you.

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