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What Will Digital Marketing Be Like In 100 Years

What Will Digital Marketing Be Like In 100 Years
Written by Rauf Saddique

The truth is time flies, this is not long before when people hire a developer to develop a website, now a kid’s dog can create a website and start a business online. It took hundred years from the invention of the telephone to create the first website over an internet, and after that, it took almost ten to fifteen years in creating of social media. Social media even change the face of digital marketing. That marketing was only known as a reference to electronic media suddenly starts knowing with social media and ads campaign on Google. Advertisement companies and online business owners found it related and targeted, they started giving ads through this media. Now the new definition of Digital marketing would be the promotion of products or brands via online ads campaigns that make it analyze marketing campaigns and understand how it is working.

Specifically Social media has given digital marketing a new life those were the times when a user only limited to hear or watch your ads, mean to say only one side. The company was never before able to know what a customer is thinking or what is the best product which is engaging to their customers, via social media, people instantly giving comments and within some hours, the brand comes to know what became hit or flop.

However, the real question, which needs a detailed discussion, what the future will be of Digital marketing or what will be digital marketing in hundred years. I bought a puppy last week and I suddenly saw Facebook start showing me ads related to dogs. I was wondering how they come to know, I have bought a dog. This is the use of Artificial Intelligence, now they are sharing data regarding you. Is digital marketing being like reading brains of the customer, in my case, I am thinking they already have built the algorithms?

future of digital marketing in some years

These are some Prediction regarding Digital Marketing:

1) The New Way to Browse:

Time will be the most important factor in near future, time will be worth more than money. Google knows it, this corporation started to find the biggest problem of the user. The loading time of the pages, in starting Google algorithms started giving a pivotal role to loading pages in ranking, but now they are going to launch AMP, Accelerated mobile pages.

As what Bill Gates said, in near future, people would start using fewer laptops and computers and will use only Mobile phones and tablets. Now, the 70% of the user interact with Facebook on Mobile phones.

Google has started building this project and in within some years, this would be launched. Even some online campaigns have been starting, in which SEO professional are working hard to boosting campaign only for Mobile phones, the smartphones. They are getting a higher ranking, as they also emphasise on the size of the website. Now Google has made itself very clear to show which website is mobile friendly and which is not. Therefore, what will be in near future now one knows, but this prediction in sight of many geniuses going to be true?

2) Voice Search:

Though this concept has launched some years ago, Google is now trying hard to make it like a new, and some changes would certainly going to make it new. Now, Voice searches would be a new phenomenon, as when it was started people were in love with it. Indeed, it is a new way to search without of tapping on moving your finger, you are going to search what you like. It will be like, you need to tell your cell to open the smartphone pattern with code, it will do the task, and you will tell your phone to make a call with a friend, it will make a call and will tell it to you. You will start chatting to your friend, without moving any part of the body according to physics; you are doing your job.

Along with Voice searches, Google has come to know the content is the real king; a new fresh content is the demand of the users. It is creating new algorithms to rip off the content rewritten or spinner. It is making it possible to create interactive content across the online platform to achieve the real goal, sustain of the user for the longer span of time.

3) Schema Markups:

Schema Markups are new cool in the field of SEO marketing. This thing helps the search engine to know about the relevancy of the content and website, based on this Google start showing the website’s link on the Google Searches. Besides this, People are sending fake traffics, making some dollars, doing Black Hat SEO. Therefore, there are hops a lot; this thing will grooms enough to catch the black sheep in this SEO marketing field. Google is trying to add Artificial intelligence with Schema Markups, which would be a great thing if worked for the betterment of the users.

digital marketing scoop and future

4) CRM Applications:

In old days, we used to create a contact form, for the users or audience to come and ask a question. However, now a lot has changed, CRM application has come in market, making it possible in real time, what the user is going to think. What is the searching and what is his demand? In this Digital marketing world, the websites already know the user and can convert the pages into user’s desired content pages.

With the help of cookies, this is happening with us. Our interests, our like dislikes are being shared across the online family. When we searched something on Google, and try to read some pages, we found the ads, interesting, matching our mentality or interests. So, how they come to know, which actor we like or which movie we going to watch next Friday.

5) Affiliate Marketing:

Google is the only corporation having advertisement plans basis on Impressions, now finally they are thinking to remove this thing from online advertisement, this only feature-giving debacle to the biggest search engine. The new cool will be Affiliate marketing. Now, digital marketers, the big fishes are converting towards influencer marketing, in whom you got a fixed amount of money if the traffic or buyer went from your website, with an affiliate link and buy some products.

This is the best marketing strategy; you are paying off only when you have to benefit from the marketer. This way of marketing is going famous, and now beginner’s marketers are showing positive nods towards these marketing, hops a lot, this would be a bright future of digital marketing.

Final Words:

No one knows, what will happen tomorrow, either you are going to be next billionaire or Yahoo. There was the time when Yahoo was the biggest search engine, there was the time when Macintosh got graphical user interface and was going to be the future of PC and Laptop. As I said no one knows what will happen tomorrow, there are some predictions, which I mentioned.

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