The Known History of SEO

the history of seo
Written by Rauf Saddique

Wondering about the history of SEO is like to know the history of a handshake; it would be difficult to tell you exactly about every inch of developing Search Engine optimization. We ought to tell you different time span in which major work was done regarding the history of SEO.

Shortly, when we talk about search engine optimisation, majorly we were talking about Google. What Google thinks what the crawler, what Google Panda is and what is Targeting a keyword? Google was not as efficient and effective in back days; people use to rank their website with keyword stuffing and a lot of backlinks. This influences the user’s experience, and there were hopes that some kind of new search engine will be launched, as, in the case of Yahoo, Google was launched in 1997. But, in my opinion, Google owners were quite genius and impulsive, they responded to that problem and mould their algorithms according to new trends and to provide good user experience.

The Beginning of SEO:

The biggest contributor to this factor, our today’s search engines, a very good example of search engine changing their algorithm and instant updates is Google. As I mentioned above in starting Google was not as efficient and effective as in these days. In starting Google, use to take months to update their algorithms.

In starting there was an exact match of Keyword, means to say if you search Funny Videos on YouTube, and there are not exact match keywords in Google, this use to show “No such data found”.

Now Google only shows relevant and precise content, which is increasing user experience and acknowledging people more than it was before.

In starting, there was no form of organising data when the internet begins. There was a need of to make a structure to organise information. The motive was to collect a data in one place in a way that when someone came to search for data, a relevant data could be shown. This thing leads to updating Search Engine Optimization.

After that company, starting creating a structure to organise information based on their main and focused Keyword.

An Early example of this kind of work was in 1993 when Excite named company started to make a program on this algorithm. It gives very positive vibes among company members that quite annoyed with now showing of data by programs.

After than in 1994 Yahoo and in 1997 Google entered in that field of Search Engine Optimization. It further improves the process of organizing and simplifying the information.

how the seo being start

Keyword Stuffing and Excessive use of Backlinks:

Google made an algorithm to give users a better experience about what they are searching. That was the time when Google creators were wondering too about the main keyword. People started using this thing to make a whopping amount of money by stuffing the main keyword and giving many backlinks. They came to know about Google’s algorithm and ranked their website within the days.

That was the era when Google uses to update after months and quite sometimes in weeks. Nevertheless, this time Google took charge and make a strong algorithm to rip off the impact of Blackhat SEO. The people, who were using this technique to demolish Google trust, suddenly came to a road, when Google de-index their web site due to excessive use of backlinks.

This is not as Google has made this not use the main keyword, now also Google use this method to rank of a website, but with some changes.

Google only index content, which is unique, and checks the bounce rate of a website with rounded eyes. If your bounce rate reaches the extreme level, Google will come to know why the user is just coming and back out from the website, there is something wrong with the content. Google crawler, deep analyses the content and after that deal with you, what you deserve.

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Google made Drastic Changes in Algorithms in 2000’s:

This was the time when local searches were on the top of Google searches. Google launch Google Maps, locations, contact information ETC, to give to level the playing field.

Google made some stricter algorithm to catch black sheep, the persons that were still using black hat SEO.

Google started updating their algorithm real-time. For Google the only thing that matter was user experience. Google awards also helped a lot to measure what people are searching in the specific area.

Penalizing unethical techniques was the biggest step, but Google took this harsh decision to improve search results.

Now Google was more accurate, related than it was ever before.

history of search engine optimization

Changes after Social Media:

However, that was the small but most reactive area in the field of SEO. That was the time when personalizing user experience was at the prime, Google becomes more interactive. Artificial intelligence came in this field to give a person-to-person result.

Now Google is all about relevancy, it started showing a relevant ad to favour their advertisers. The famous news tab came after when Mark Zuckerberg Launches The Facebook. News spreading becomes faster than it was earlier. Social media also become the important factor in ranking a website.

Google Trends, Google Analytics were also come into the market, to the favourite content creator. Now, you can focus on some content by seeing a specific region.

SEO Journey from 2009-2014:

In my mind when I think about 2014 era in SEO market, it was like a filter to remove off the people, which was haunting this market. Now, Google becomes more accurate, sensible and knows about content as this was ever before.

Google Panda Came in a market, Google dancing, Google Penguin, this all term is like faint days for someone that is doing black hat SEO.

Google takes care about Backlink, if you got one bad link your all site content will be demolished in a single blink of an eye. This only factor, you should more care.

Now for the Google to rank a website, only quality, detailed, unique content is acceptable. Google also tried hard to demolish Niche websites. The people, which started Niche, based website to earn money, this was a concept in late 2012.

Now, only quality content, website page authority matters for the Google.

If a big website copies content from your website, Google will rank to that big website, not you.

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Final Words:

For me, what I learned through these days is only user experience and quality matters to Google. If you are focusing on Google crawler, making content optimizing to have Google in mind not Readers, you cannot be successful in this field. Always try to be relative, detailed about your topic and genuine to be successful in SEO market.

You also see the Google algorithm Major changes in the form of Infographics Below: (Bottom to Top)

the flowchart for google algorithm changes

                                                           Credits: One Crawl

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