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5 SEO Techniques to bring more Leads

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Written by Rauf Saddique

Most of the SEO experts think that search engine optimisation is the much-complicated thing, and one who wants to master it needs years of hard work and sleepless nights. The fundamentals of SEO are very simple and easy, the need is you have to bind yourself to follow that simplest basic rule of SEO.

SEO is an amazing technique for the business owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers to earn a lot of money by engaging customers, or by getting more traffic to their websites.

According to a survey, that held in the United States of America, the person who wants to purchase a product 70 percent of them browses online. I can believe your product is amazing; you are doing a wonderful job back home and giving your customer a mind-blowing experience of hiring your services or buying your products. However, when a person searches online, your site has not ranked due to bad SEO, the person will not reach to your product. In this way, you would be losing a huge amount of direct and easy traffic that can create a huge impact on your business.

SEO can help you by increasing your traffic by ranking your website top on the searches. A good SEO can generate your more leads, by matching your website’s articles to what a customer is searching. In this way, you would be able to get high conversion rate.

How can search engine help you in increasing more leads?

The search engine is the main target we should achieve to be successful as a blogger or entrepreneur.

Search engines like Google have its own algorithm; Google is making best effort to give the best result to the customer. Google can give your direct traffic by making your website blue on the moon.

If your business website is on the top of Google searches, you should hire some more worker or professional to handle your customers. To make your website top on the Google needs a perfect SEO, with very best content.

Paid advertisement is the best technique, highly recommended for the new business owners and blogger. Paid advertisement can appear your website on the top of Google searches. This technique is referred as CPC (Cost per click).

SEO techniques to gain more leads

You should follow these Strategies to Generate more Leads:

  • Make your Website Mobile Friendly:

Microsoft founder Bill Gates revealed in the latest interview, that mobile and smartphones are the future now, people will stop buying Computer and Laptops. This thing is very important and we as bloggers or business owners should make this as early as possible. Now, most of our mates have found saying “I am getting more than 75% of my traffic from Mobile”.

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Now Google even updated the algorithm and have put a meter on every website that shows either your website is mobile friendly or not. If your website were not mobile friendly, you would lose important traffic and leads in future.

generating more leads by seo

  • Landing Pages:

I am going to share you an interesting experience and I am sure you are not going to believe it. The most important thing that can generate higher leads is word count on your landing page. Yea you would have been seeing many bloggers that the words in your post can directly proportional to visitors on your pages. However, in generating more leads this quote is opposite, the less number of words equal to more numbers of customers. In the case of buying something, the customer does not want to read 2000 words of the post, but he wants to know the information related to the product. You should give the precise and related information to your customer in case of landing pages.

Another interesting thing is the pages, which got higher conversation rates, are those who have very few links in there and images as well. Try to make your landing pages, clean, simple and related to the product for which you have ranked the keyword. Do not cloak your customer, otherwise, Google will penalise your website and all other leads will demolish.

  • In Lead Generations, Speed Matters:

It is possible for a news website to bear the low speed, as the customer is not in jumping the gun. In the case of landing pages, where you have made a business website to increase your conversion rates and for increasing your leads, should specifically care more, if your website is not loading fast, the customer may move to the next following site below you.

According to Google, the pages, which loaded fast, got leads 5 percent more than those did which not. You just got 2 seconds to engage your customer and in these 2 seconds you are wasting your customers some moments due to slow loading pages, this is not fair.

You should care some components in loading landing pages like inline CSS and JavaScript. This thing can decrease your conversion about 5 percent. You can contact with some SEO experts to hire his/her expertise regarding the speed of your landing pages.

  • Focus on Your Long-tailed Keywords:

After 2014 Google algorithms have changed entirely, that was the time when your rank one keyword and Google ranked most of the keywords of your website. That is the reason if a person in search of something more specific and related; he would have gone somewhere else. This was an entirely a bad influence on Google, and now after these some major changes in algorithms; it is the most used search engine in the world. About 80-90% of the online searches are on Google and YouTube now.

Google now send traffic to the most related and targeted word that briefly ranked with a Long tail. If you are using Long tail keywords for your website, this is like icing on the cake for you. Be targeted, be precise and be related, this is three keys to generate more leads.

  • Analyse your Customers:

The best marketing and business rule are to cater your customers with his needs. Do not enforce your likes and dislikes, always analyse your customer, which thing is your customer going to demand after landing on your website. Is your product grouping is all right, is you have all price tags, and is your website structure is all right.

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You can expand this list to what a customer is searching for landing on your web page. The bounce rate of the customer, the bounce rate with geographically. Maybe a customer from a specific area demands something different or more from your web page.

So, check these details very often and changes your website accordingly. This is the best method to generate more leads for your online business.

These were all about you to increase your conversion rate and to increase your leads. You should follow these techniques, which are going to impact on you to earn more leads. At the end if you are running a business and are getting leads, this is now all about your product, if your product is good enough to use, a customer will definitely come again and surely will refer others to buy your product. Always take care of your customer, and build a good relationship to earn more and flourish more.

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