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5 Things You Need to Know About Keywords

things to remember when researching keywords
Written by Rauf Saddique

Keywords are those words or phrases, which a user searches to interact with your website. It is the solely important part of your SEO.  A website that is fully optimized with proper Keywords placing speaks for his ranking on search engine searching.

Google collected data from websites based on their keywords and other companies give the importance to the site by checking the number of keywords they have ranked.

SEO is all about relevancy in these days, you cannot merely stuff one same keyword on all places like title, description and Meta tags. You should check the relevancy of these keywords and should check the synonyms, and then after place all of them with proper management; you will be able to rank your website.

Stuffing the same keyword, increases the keyword density, now search engines are not dumb like they were before. In Past we had ranked a website, just stuffing the Keywords, which were the time when keywords density matters a lot. However, now if you talk about on page SEO, it is all about trust, relevancy and good content. If you have good content, and On-Page SEO is not that well, your site will rank. If you just work on Keyword, do not the importance of good content, just want to optimize and rank your site without of giving any benefits to the users. Your site would rank rapidly but the day after Google will de-index your website and all in vain.

If you are beginners and want to launch your own website, this guide is for yours. Read it carefully and then apply the same rules there.

things to know about keywords

Education Keyword Example

5 Things you Should Know about Keywords

1) Keyword Competition:

It is all about your passion and dedication, online work is not a game of a night, you can never be successful in just a day. You have to learn the skills and then need to apply all of them, and still, you fail, rise up again and start a new project. Online work is not like as many of us think, sit in home and, and dollars will come out from our computer own its own.

The keyword is the most important factor, even most of us made the mistake, they start searching a keyword after making and launching a website. The keyword is the game; you should search at least month or fifteen days before of launching a website. First, search the competition of a Keyword. Most of us fail, due to this only reason, I myself failed a lot, due to not focusing on Keyword competition. My first website was regarding Hair transplant, I did not check the competitions and start posting content about this topic. When I check the competitions, a deep burst of laughter, was near to come out from my throat, the competition was 86.

You can check the competition of keywords from any online tool. Moz, sem rush, small SEO tool, SEO tool station there is more than one websites to check the online competition of a keyword. Work on a keyword, which got competition of 30-35 if you are beginners.

2) Focus on Meaning, not Specific Words:

This think has revealed about 4 years ago when Google scans your website to index it, now, it never extracts the keywords and phrases to index or synonyms you have put in there to make the relevancy of your content.

A genuine thing is Google has its own algorithm that fetches the results from different sites from its own conclusions.

According to the Google, the data, which has the same meaning on a specific topic, have it in the ration of 70 percent in searches.

The meaning is if you want to rank a keyword like “Auto Repair shop”, this is not necessary to use this same phrased keywords repeatedly on a very web page of your website. You can use Car repair services, auto repair services, auto repair specialists on different pages.

If you would be able to rank this phrase or keyword on Google, it will show your website on every phrase or Search made up on Google with keyword available on your website.

3)Longtail Keywords:

Long tail keywords have become the core of the heart after major update in Google algorithm in 2014.

Google has become the giant of search engines, you have to work according to the algorithms of Google, and otherwise, you would not be able to work online, especially in SEO field or online campaign.

Google has become targeted, precise and geometrically relevant. If you have made a website, with the phrase “Best auto repair services” and your competitor, has made with “Best auto repair services Ferrari”, he would get the more traffic and also would be able to rank that keywords faster than you.

Always be relevant, try to give knowledge originally, and try to be precise AND targeted.

what is seo?HOW TO RANK WEBSITE?

4)  Placement of Keywords:

One of the major factors hugely depends on ranking your website, though older and most known, still important, placement of your keywords.

You can say Google do not look the specific keywords or phrases, it just scans your website and according to their Algorithm index a website, still, Google needs some keywords or phrases to index your website. That is our goal; carefully rank your website, without of stuffing constant ratios of same keywords.

At the end, the placement of your keyword is a lot more important than the strength of your keyword. Always try to put your main keyword in the title of your post like ” Auto repair best services in Delhi” in this phrase Auto Repair is your main keyword, try to put this one in the title tag. Google scans a web page, and save the title of the page as the blueprint of the page. After the title, Meta description and then the body is important.

Try to give the description with main keywords and other relevant keywords.

5) Keywords in URL:

I have made this mistake many times as a beginner of SEO; I always try to put my keywords in every possible place. Even sometimes, I make the place for a keyword to be fit in there. I put the whole keywords in the URL of the page very often; in the result, Google penalizes my website.

Always try to be relevant to your main topic, on the topic of “Best auto repair services” in URL you should use only “WWW.WEBSITE.COM/AutoRepair.

This is more than enough and easy to rank.

This was something you should consider when you want to create a post, always make a relevant and easy post, with proper placing of keywords in it. Do not try to stuff the same keywords repeatedly. Try to focus your readers not Search engines. That is the only key to be successful as a blogger.

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