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Stop Ransomware Attacks Before They Happen

Ransomware protection
Written by Rauf Saddique

Ransomware is malicious software that has the ability to lock your computer and keyboard, even can change the login credential and prevent your access to your system until you pay a ransom in return. The attacker demands this payment usually in Bitcoin.

The ransom attack that happened in May 2017 affected more than 200,000 organization and 150 countries, even a health company in the UK could manage to handle the patient, and some majors operations cancelled due to not having information in their system.

This ransom attack happened due to some basic flaws in Microsoft Windows that were leaked by National Security to the hackers and these leaked flaws change the whole concept of Cyber Attack. That cyber-attack was rare, even in past we saw one or two organizations lost their data in such attacks, but in the case of “WannaCry” attack, big organizations lost their data.

The companies, which got this attack, about all of them, have no security system in their system even do not have any backup. Therefore, when the screen was locked and credential was changed, they were not able to restore the system by installing backup. Means they attacked the organization that has to lose security or now security.

How does this Attack work?

As I described in above lines all organization, which got this attack majorly has no security system or very low security. To attack in such computers attackers need to download malicious software on to a system or device, which is going to be attacked. The system security manager or officials need to click on such files by mistake and it has to install in that system.

When the software installed in the system of victim’s computer, hackers can launch an attack and all files being encrypted one after one.

The large companies, which have the good security system, can find this software on the computer and can isolate that installed documents to prevent the encryption of the files.

how to protect your identity on internet?

How to Protect from Ransomware Attack:

You should take the steps before, to stop the ransomware attack. First protection against ransomware attacks is you should backup your all files and make up a backup CD. Do not store that backup in your system instead put that in a safe and accessible place.

This backup is for you when some attackers attack you and lock the system and keyboard, then you would be able to restore your files within no time.

To prevent from these types of attacks you should take care of few things. To stop this type of attacks in a bit more difficult, to attack your system the hackers need malicious software installed in your system. Most of the time, they use compromised Emails and Websites.

Most practised form to attack someone is phishing. This is like something; you would receive an Email from your boss or even senior members of your executive committee. When you would click on such Email, that will lead you to the malicious sites and these sites will harvest your login credentials and in most of the cases can install malware in your phone, system or laptop.

Spare phishing is the most targeted and precise way to hack someone’s system. In this form of phishing, one can address you with your name and your designation. This will not look like a malware of spam, when you will click on it, will directly lead you to a malicious website and you would not be able to use your computer afterwards.

Do not Download Untrusted Applications:

Downloading a bad application, that is not official and a website, which leads you the malware advertisements hand you to the infected device. The best way to use internet or search engine is to searching via web address instead of clicking on links and checking them.

The other practised way to attack ransomware on your device is while watching or before watching, they will give you some pop-up to click to install to continue watching the video. Most of the time people click on such links and install malicious software on their computers.

best practices to prevent ransomware attack

Using Antivirus:

You should enable your antivirus program to check the installation file either it is safe or not. We even do not react when Antivirus give us a call to prevent your system.

So, before any installation, check your status and if the file is safe for your system to install it. Do not install any application is some advertisement campaigns or even to continue watching some videos or doing some work. Sometimes, the website show clicks on the link to download specific files, do not download or click anything in the case.

Even sometimes, when you are downloading your desired file, they can give you the link to a malware with the name of your desired files. This happened to me sometimes. Always download a file from the official websites or some trusted websites. If your antivirus is warning you, do not install that file in your system.

Cyber Security:

You can hire the services of a good cyber security agency. They will have a deep eye on your system and installation. When they will find anything suspicious, they would prevent you from any damage and even would pay you if the damage has happened.

Cyber Security system has built-in programs and they do not allow any malware to be installed on your system. They thoroughly check any file before installing in your system. That would be a good idea if you were hiring some services to prevent ransomware attack. Before paying a handsome amount in shame of ransom, pay it to increase your security.

Update your Software Frequently:

The most famous ransomware attack that happened in May 2017, one major reason the system software not updated.

In March 2017, Microsoft released software by announcing a loophole in security but most of the victims did not update the windows and hackers used that flaw. Most of the people even do not know what is updating windows or system, we would like to recommend when you were installing windows, do not change the security setting, and enable the default Windows update that is auto update, whenever some new thing will add up in the update, it will automatically update in your system. You do not need to manually check and update.

At the end, if you are a victim of ransomware do not pay money or bit coin in ransom it will not work for you to give back your system access to you. Most of the people who paid ransom did not get their system and files back. The best option is to make up your backup and use that whenever your system involved in such activity.

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