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Why Aren’t Your SEO Techniques Working

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Written by Rauf Saddique

Google has become the giant of search engines, about more than 70 percent people uses Google as a search engine while online browsing. The reason is evident and clear, this gives highly relevant and quick information to their users. To cater the need of the users Google now and often update their searching algorithms. This thing has made Google a quicker, more relevant and very fast search engine around the globe. The thing is not up in the air that about all the bloggers change their website accordingly Google updates.

Everyone has the right to start with most basic SEO techniques like unique content, alt tags on images, proper keyword placement, proper keywords density, meta tags, Descriptions.XML sitemap for helping Google to take this website to the top of Google searches.

These above-mentioned techniques will not harm your website in ranking, but there are some things you are doing wrong, that has made your website penalised or not working fine on searches. Today, we would like to tell you the wrong SEO techniques or, why your SEO techniques are not working. In my opinion, you would be doing the following bad SEO techniques that are constantly harming your website.

1) Link Farms:

We all know that every big website has many inbound links, and we know this is healthy for our website’s SEO, very true. However, on the other hand, if you have more than one website, and you are farming link to each website to the other, it really harms your all website.

Always remember

“A good Link farm has only one way linking”

Do not link your website in this way; always try to make a link from lower authority site to a higher authority site. Always try to give credit your higher authority site and like this way, should go step backwards.

2) Link Exchange:

There were the old days when all of us use this technique to earn a bunch of dollars, and now Google really wants to give benefit to the real businessperson or creator of the content, mean to say, official person.

Link exchange was the wonderful concept to improve your ranking on searches, but not working at all. Google’s Mat Cuts has vividly cleared all air regarding this issues by adding that Google is going to discourage this technique now and all links should be natural, rather than exchanging links that were mostly low quality and irrelevant. In my opinion, you can work on Link Exchange but have to deep eye on the niche of website. The niche should be same, and you can offer the other to exchange the links.

How Small Business Owners Can Build Links like the Big Guys

3)Focusing on more than one Keyword:

Most of the beginners do this mistake; they tried to rank 15 keywords with just one article of 500 words. They make an article as if mix fruit chat, Google even does not understand with which keyword, this post should be index. Always try to use your related keywords, do not ever try to rank more than one keyword if you are beginners.

Try to post related to your niche, if you are not working on a news website. Do not try to post an article, which does not have any reference in your website. The search engine would see the irrelevant words as a spam and de-index your post, within no time.

4)Write for the Readers:

Your first priority should be readers or customers that are engaging to your website. Always try to write for them, easy sentences, meaningful sentences, do not run around the bush, be targeted and precise. Do not stuff your keyword, do not focus on the keyword density, just put your keyword in title and description that is enough for the density.

Most of the new bloggers even me also in starting did the same mistake; I tried to put my main keywords on every suitable place. This harmed my website many times, now I try to be natural and flowing.

Always focus on writing for your customers, not for the search engines. It is possible that Google loves your content and make it on the top of Searches, but when a reader will come and suddenly bounce back, second will come and bounce back, at the end Google will come to know you have done something wrong that customer is not being engaged to your website. This will start de-index of your website.


This is a very less known mistake; even many of us do not consider it as harmful for our website. It is like extra care of your site; most of us install SEO plugin and try to be perfect according to that plugin. I have seen many friends of mine, they even check the Copyscape score, if it is alarming, and they would not post the article. I can bet by checking a Copyscape score, even a single person on the planet would not be able to convey the true sense of the article or message. In Copyscape, you have to end a sentence with 50 characters. Can you imagine after 50 characters, for the whole article, who can do this, at least I cannot?

This is the first example, second is always tried to put the keyword on the first line of every post, and at the end line of every post. You cannot go naturally be seeing all that stuff. Like I said earlier, your content should be natural, and simplest, that can provide good user experience.

backlinks from only legitimate websites

6)Buying Links:

I have seen ads on some big Facebook groups, about buying links. Those persons commercially using these tactics for earning money, they can give a link to any website, even a porn website.

Google Penguin Update is working on finding such websites, which are commercially using the method of back linking and buying links in exchange of money.

After updating this algorithm, many of website went into trouble and suddenly started to see less traffic. Do not make such links, back linking is the most important SEO factor one can imagine, even a bad backlink can make your web site shift from the highest to lowest ranking on search engines. Google and quality backlink can never be unnoticed.

Final Words:

Moreover, try not to copy paste content or duplicate content, Google webmaster would alarm you that you have copied content. Try to post genuine, plagiarism free content to make your website higher on search engines.

Cloaking is understood bad SEO technique, which I consider, is well known, did not mention here, and no Good blogger would like to do this mistake.

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