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Why PPC Still Plays an Essential Role in Generating Revenue

why ppc is important for online business?
Written by Rauf Saddique

There are only two options for website owners to get traffic online to boost their websites or online stores, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC (Pay per click). The difference between the two is via search engine optimization, you optimized your website in a way that search engines gives you value and make your website on the top of search results, on the other hand via PPC you pay Google to send traffic on your website.

When you compare pay per click vs. search engine optimization, it is good to pick PPC, if you are in need of instant results and immediate leads.

The technique PPC allows you to pay for traffic for using different advertisement platforms like Google Ad words, Yahoo search engine marketing, and many others. These search engines usually put ads on specific keywords of your website in sponsored sections.

Higher Conversion Rates:

This is the truth that when someone searches a keyword on Google, and click on the sponsored link of a website, a greater chance the person would buy a product related to the keyword. Moreover, Google also in his latest trends has shown this chart of rate conversion, via Google Ad Words was greater than SEO based keywords. This is true especially if the ads are more specific, targeted and optimized truly.

Running a successful PPC campaign means you will only get a click from the specific users and individuals that are interested in your product or services. In this way, you will get a steady flow of customers to boost your business to a new level of success.

I have seen many SEO based website, just wipe out from the Google ranking with only one update, this happens when you majorly rely on Search Engine Optimization for your website traffic.

You cannot Rank a Keyword:

I am not saying it for all the keywords, but for some keywords that are true.

For example, you have a diverse keyword, you want to sell chew toys, and other products related to dogs. It is almost impossible to rank for this keyword and get the first-page ranking. The PPC searches allow you a wide range coverage and possible to rank a higher competitive keyword in no time.

Jump Start your Business:

making your bid high to gain more leads

PPC is the great technique to take your business to the new level of success, the great and jump-start your business. If you are running a business and want to make a website based on that business, you cannot afford to go by SEO, it almost takes the one-year minimum to rank your website for a specific keyword.

You are doing a business, and time in money in business, your competitors will leave you behind in this one year in customer engagement. So, always rely on PPC to generate great revenue. This is the best source of immediate traffic to your website. However, on the other hand, if you are a beginner and do not know the little secrets of PPC, it is like putting your hand in a square. Get the right training, and certification for Google Ad Words and Google Analytics, which is free for all businesses and Google, is offering such services to their Customers without charging a penny.

If you do not have time and resources, it is good to hire an expert that has complete command over Google Ad Words and have already gained such training.

Get Benefits from your Competitors Business:

The ability to advertise on any other site is the biggest benefits of PPC, in this way you can gain more traffic and conversation rates. Google shows the keywords of PPC on the relevant keywords; your website keyword would be on the website that is giving the services alike you. It is a greater chance when a visitor will see your ad on their website, to visit your business website and buy your product.

how to generate revenue from PPC campaigns?

Faster Lead Generation:

One thing is crystal clear that SEO is quite Tiring and Long process to follow in a business startup because it takes minimum (4-12)  months and a lot of effort to get your site in one of the top 5 Search results.

The thing is not sure yet that after spending sleepless nights and a lot of hard work your site would be ranked in Search engine results. Where will all the efforts go, if it is not ranked?

With PPC on the other hand, you have no need to spend sleepless nights, and results are almost instant. You can generate revenues by doing online business, in a simple and precise method.

Always keep on thing in your mind; PPC delivers instant results and immediate leads to your business.

Determine Budget:

By using the second mentioned technique PPC, you can get your website page first on the Google and other search engines results. There are some factors that PPC platform follows such as the importance of your keyword, how popular is your keyword, the number of the business owners who want to rank a specific keyword, and how many numbers of website already ranked a specific keyword, quality, and CTR and others

Many of us do know the simple rule of PPC platform, you have to pay for the click, not for the views that one ad receives.

You can determine your budget for a campaign according to your budget, and after seeing some results of goal conversion, you can increase that result. The PPC campaign will definitely generate the major portions of your revenue.

PPC is more precise and specific.

While ranking your website on Google searches, the factor always is noticed, which is, the length of your post, the number of words you used in your post and outbound links to your website. On the hand, a customer does not have enough time to read the 2500 words post.

The customer needs more specific, targeted and precise result that a PPC gives. The Pay per click based website have no need to use filthy content and bushing around here and there, only some precise word that can give information to your customer is more than enough.

One the most important factor to generate revenue by using PPC is, if your website is ranked, there is no fear of Google updates, because in PPC campaign Google rarely make some changes, and that changes are not drastic changes that can remove your ranking from the first page.

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