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The Importance of Social Media Integration in SEO

why social media is a big factor in SEO?
Written by Rauf Saddique

There was the time when launching a new website and had some backlinks, was enough to rank a keyword or encouraging the domain authority. There was no strategy any fear of spam penalties and no objective as well; the goal was to build links and lots for them.

Today all the SEO techniques have been changed, I am not saying link building got no factor in ranking a website, but rely on only link building would not work. If you are current, SEO team is not focusing on Social Media in ranking a website or in running a campaign, and only focusing on link building you have to change the team or profession in recent future.

SEO is all about organic searches, it is very important nowadays to know how content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing are running and working together.

SEO is much more than it was before, now it is all about authority, though the content is still got the important role; this is not all about to place a keyword in the headline, Meta description or URL.

Some old bloggers were using the tactics of using Social media in a right way and running a successful campaign on Search engines. The Social Media importance in SEO became significant when Google’s Matt Cuts, released a video and announce the changes in SEO and, he described the importance of Social media like Twitter and Facebook in ranking a keyword and website. This was all in sudden a new thing for many of the bloggers and people started targeting Facebook, there was the time when Facebook involved in huge trouble, people were making fake accounts and fake snaps on the page and were getting likes and conversation to the website.

That was the time when Facebook spam score went to 17 out of 100, and it was considered as the spams website.

Now in 2015 Google’s Matt Cuts released another video and said there is no such role of social media in the ranking and algorithm of Google. You have to import good content and have to build good links to get good results.

Nevertheless, still the old bloggers and experienced one described that there is not such change in Google’s algorithm that they do not count the social media as a good signal in ranking. There is a pivotal role of social media in ranking and running a successful Ad Words campaign in Google.

In next part of the article, we will describe the way; you can better take your campaign by indulging social media into it.

role of social media in an SEO

Social Media spreading Online reach to your Content:

Social media is a good tool for targeted traffic and playing important role in Goal conversion. You can make a website, your passion; can generate a Facebook page base on that website. Can boost that page by paying Facebook and set the target. There is a great variety and target on Facebook you can use, you can set a specific country, from where you want to get traffic or customer, you can even set age and gender as well.

Social media allows you to put the potential customer in front of you, produce quality content and post on the social media, you can get instant interactions after posting your product in there, and can manage to change according to your users.

Social Media is new Signal:

Back in days, a single good backlink had made our website popular, there were more links and more popular our website and ranking as well.

Before 2014, it became the race to get more backlinks without of any care of the quality of the link, but after that, Google changes its algorithm, started giving more weight to the good links, and not value the same, even start put penalties on website, which got backlinks from spam websites or porn websites.

If you are doing a real business or running a natural and existing campaign, you would take a positive signal from in ranking of the website from the Google. It is a link; the more viral would be the link on social media, the more ranking of the site would be. It is proven method and many of the successful bloggers as if Neil Patel has shown the value of the good social signal on making your website and campaign, a successful one.

Avoid Fake Profiles and Pages to run a Campaign:

Social media has changed the concept of moneymaking, in these days a person make a fake Facebook profile change it to the page and merge these pages into a larger one, can earn a good amount of money. On the other hand, a blogger with sleepless nights, working hard, buying hosting and domains, even after 6 months of time is not able to reach the level of making a single dollar of money.

These fake profiles can harm your ranking on Google. Some bloggers take support of big and viral pages to run their campaign, these pages got the popularity as the spam creating pages, when you put your website in there, the pages, which got so many reports from the audience due, posting viral and nude links, can harm your ranking, and can penalize your website in no time. Always try to make your page yourself, run a Facebook campaign base on your website, and gather the interested audience and then start posting links to your website. This is the real and genuine way of getting traffic and getting the social signal.

Boost Ranking with Social Media Influence:

A valuable credibility you can generate by running a good Facebook campaign, a good user experience, a good ranking of your Facebook, noticed by the Google. In this way, you would be able to create a credibility and very genuine and authentic traffic.

You would get the influence and credibility through Social media, larger the credibility the higher the ranking on search engines. This is the greatest platform to prove you. If you got true passion to your work, then you cannot be hidden in this age of social media.

social media integration in SEO

Final words:

Social media has become the global sensation nowadays around the globe, it is connecting the different online works, and a person can market his product or company in a better way than before. You can engage your customers, and satisfy them, and can convert them a loyal customer to you. The only thing is you should have a great product or company. If you are thinking about someone can control the social media, and someone can harm your product by giving a bad review, it is near to impossible, social media has become the real voice. One example you can take from the U.S.A elections, all electronic media was taunting Donald Trump and saying this is one-sided elections. On the other hand, Trump was very popular on Social media and you know who the winner, the social media is.

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