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How to Increase Your Internet Privacy/Identity

how to protect your identity on internet?
Written by Rauf Saddique

Your online privacy is under attack more than ever before. Government officials, business owners, the icing on the cake; artificial intelligence is giving all that hawks a free space to play their game, open-handedly. According to ex-officer of CIA, we have complete control over what is happening on the internet; you are either nude or sending an MMS to your friend are all in control of CIA officials. Even if you are using the internet, they are watching us via our Laptop camera. They all know what your hobby is, which actor you like or which team you are supporting. This all thing is official, and you know what the sources of all these hidden news and stuff are, privacy policy and Cookies. Over the internet, if you disable your cookies, you even cannot open Social networking site Facebook, first, you have to enable cookies and then you will be able to use Facebook. Cookies are direct, saving your habits, your engagement with specific products, in which product you are more interested, you are democratic or republican, even which size of the girls you like the most.

You will not believe me, OK, give me a favour, you just search on Google a specific product and just for a taste, open first three, four pages. After that when you will be login in your Facebook account, you will be amazed to see, the product you search over internet browser, Facebook would be showing the ads specific to that product.

I have seen these types of things more than once, all these cookies and over hidden data; they sell to different business companies. These all website have a hidden contract to share all data of a person.

What is our Goal today, we are going to share you, the most protective ways to be secure over the internet. Simple tips to protect your Social networking accounts like Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.

How to Increase Your Internet Privacy:

increase your internet privacy

1) Use a Strong Password:

A deep laughter would come out from your throat after reading this, the more than 40% of the people use 12345 as a password to their social networking accounts.

This is a good habit of using Name or mobile number or a specific thing that you can remember easily but this is not usually right, these passwords can be guessed easily and you are going to get a deep trouble. The internet can be the dangerous place, and definitely can harm you.

So, one of your line of defence is to use a password difficult to guess for all your account. I have seen many friends of mine using one password for all their accounts, this is a ridiculous thing, always use a different password for different accounts. If one of your passwords is found, it will be a lot easier for the hacker to hack your all accounts.

2)Do not use the Same Password while Signing up for a new Account:

I also got in trouble once, I was wanting to approve my account on a website, that was some online working website and it was a great deal to approve your account on that website. I found the official Facebook group of that website and posted there to approve my account, one Person commented there to Inbox to me. I sent a message to inbox to that person, he gave me a link and said to click here, and you need to create an account once more. I did the same, but surprisingly I did not enter the same password that I used for my Google and Facebook account. The person tried to hack my Google account with the Email, I provided to him, but password was incorrect, as I mentioned here, I did not enter the password, which I use for my Google account, the person came in again and said you have to put the same password, which you use for your Google account. There I found him, and I am not going to write, what I did to him on Inbox, every suitable, slang I used there and he blocked me.

Therefore, never use the same password that you use for your Google or Facebook accounts, always put a new password while signing up for a new account.

3)Use A VPN:

The biggest benefit, a VPN provides you is anonymity, this is a virtual or private network, this network hides your IP, and you can use the internet without of risk of anyone knowing you.

There are more than one benefits of using this network, you can access to those websites, which are blocked or prohibited in your country. For example, when Youtube blocked in Pakistan, about all internet users, used Proxy or VPN to access YouTube.

By using this network, you can change your location whenever you want. Some powerful and free VPN are Hola, Hide my Ass, Browser.

secure your social media accounts

4)Change Facebook Privacy:

You would have found some people saying you to get likes on your Facebook account to build your spectrum over the internet. Therefore, when you want to use those Soft wares or application, the top mentioned thing there is to change your privacy setting to public. When you do the same, impressions start coming on your account. You better can think one a simple application developer can do the job by changing Facebook setting to public, why a hacker cannot do the same job.

Always make your security setting to “only Friends” or me. You can change all these by simply going into your Facebook setting, there would be an option on the left sidebar, start reading and change every possible thing that suits you.

5)Always Use Incognito Windows on an Unknown Computer:

I found this trick after 2,3 years of buffering on the internet, Sometimes I have to go to Internet cafe to use the internet, and you can imagine the speed out there. Moreover, when the internet went broke, you have to come back without of logging off your Facebook account, afterwards, when the next person would come, when he will open a Facebook account, your Facebook account not logged off last time due to the internet broke. Therefore, the next person can damage your account by accessing your personal documents and images,

You have to use “INCOGNITO WINDOWS”.

Just right click on your pinned Chrome on the taskbar and there would be the option of New Windows and INCOGNITO WINDOWS, click on it and use the internet. Whenever the internet breaks down, just close the chrome, by clicking on the right sidebar. In this way, no one would be able to use your account.

This option is for privacy, if you browse on by using this option, chrome would not store any of your data like history, cookies or anything else.

Always use Incognito Windows option while using the internet out there.

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6)Use Right Protection:

There is more than one type of software and hardware, you can use to make your internet security better; you can have malware or spyware protection on your system. If you do not have one, there is a risk the Malware can damage your computer.

In addition, can happen like now in the world, the biggest companies’ computer went lock down and hackers demanded money to get their system and data back. Big companies like Aeroplanes companies and hospitals also were unable to use their database to handle their patients.

These are some simple methods by using you can secure your privacy over the internet. Never click on any link to some unknown person request you to click. Always add those persons on the internet to whom you know genuinely.

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