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How Small Business Owners Can Build Links like the Big Guys

How Small Business Owners Can Build Links like the Big Guys
Written by Rauf Saddique

To create a website is not a difficult thing but to rank that is the most difficult work in blogging, if you are a blogger and want to build links to your website than stick in here does not rush around, today we are going to share you the most convenient way of building links to your new blog. Link building or backlink is the process of ranking your website on the top of Google searches. It is not as easy as the most of the guys think, very large number of new bloggers spam their website in the name of link building. To put the comment on your website with a link is not a link building, though a few comments would not harm your website, and might increase a little bit ranking of your page. But, the new algorithm of Google has clearly shown that editorial link is acceptable now if the link of your website is not given via official ways, which would be considered as a spam.

But, the fact is you have to create a good content, a unique one, that can engage customers and the content which benefits the users.  Link building would start like never before, and within some months your site will get trust and flow, people will start giving references of your website, this is the actual way and the soul of link building. However, you can increase your reputation like some marketers do, you can contact some other website, having niche alike your website, you can offer the owner a very good piece of content and in return, you can ask a link to your website.

Here I am going to share with you a very good piece of advice to create links and to make ranking better

How to Build Link like a Famous Blogger Do:

1) Create a Website:

website for small businesses

The best thing to make your website, a genuine and truly optimise, always update your website on daily basis. Giving the new and fresh content to your website is like giving fresh air, the Google algorithm will find your website a true business website. This thing not only will give some do follow links but no follow or inbound links also increase rapidly. Though Google now only believe in do follow links and has cut the ranking base on No follow link after 2014. Some experts are claiming constantly that Google still has the value for inbound links; always make interlinking of your posts within your website. For interlinking or inbound links do not use the same anchor text repeatedly it will spam your website, make some list of relevant keywords and use them.

2)Ask Friends:

If one your friends is a legitimate blogger and have created many blogs must ask for a link. If niche of your website is alike to them, that link can boost your ranking on Google searches.

Ultimately, this is not as easy as we are thinking, just asking is not enough to get a good backlink, offer them some price and a good content as well. Google ranking is all about trust and when you build your trust on Google, no one can leave you behind in making the top on the search engine ranking.

3)Research your Competitors:

When you are working on a specific project and your task is to beat a website on same keywords, you have to make a thorough research of that website’s backlink.

This is the best thing you can do to make your website on the top, make a spreadsheet of that competitor, and check each backlink metrics, you can use SEOmoz’s open site explorer for this matter. Analyse their links and other factors that are making their website by leaving behind your website. Try to meet that level of requirements with not only on the page but off the page as well. Always make your home complete by making on page best Search engine optimisation, to make a trust flow or backlink is the second work to do.


how to get backlinks like authority website owners

4)Do not Write for write-us type Websites:

To create good backlinks you have to work manually, do not trust the people who have got write us page for creating a link. These websites are a money making the machine and by doing this, they are commercially taking benefit of your need.

There are many groups on Facebook, you can cross-link by giving another person a backlink, and he will give back to you. On the other hand, search on Google and manually contact the Developers of the website by sending them mail, also offer them some money, if the Website’s Domain and page authority is greater than your website.

5)Search for Niche Specific Directories:

If you can afford some dollars to get a very good backlink, you should search for niche specific directories.

Nevertheless, these directories only accept sites that meet certain criteria, it might be domain authority and page authority of your website.

Some paid one do not require this specification; you have to pay to get a good backlink that is the only requirement

6)Build a good Relationship:

There is nothing like number one link building strategy as some fake bloggers claim, you have to trust people and have to give them a good link, in return, they will give back to you.

It is not about what you know; it is all about who you are.

Make a good relationship with other bloggers, and always try to help them in the matter they need. In return, you will definitely get their support in the matter you need. The matter might be a backlink.

7)Write a Guest Post:

Writing a guest post is considered as the best way to create a quality backlink, in my opinion, it might be good in starting of your blog, if you want to compete a website in ranking, this would not be as effective as you are thinking.

The matter, why I do not like such tactics is these people are open for everyone to write a guest post. They do not have a niche specific or a news website, they only buy a domain a expire one and start posting guest post by showing the matrices of that blog like domain authority.

When Google updates or comes to know the tactics, it can de-index all the websites that have a link on such blogs or might put a penalty to your website.

how to gain backlinks building success?


PBN can be effective if you are the only person that is using that public blog network. If you have made this open for selling backlinks, it would be harmful to your website. Create a PBN and only put your own blogs links and interchange all links within those websites. If the Google came to know your PBN, it might de-index your website.

Before creating backlinks, just go through your content, and check your bounce rate, if your bounce rate is more than 70%, you must consider changing your content, there is something wrong in your content. You would have heard “Content is the King”, this is true. After that, the second stage start and you should think about building links.

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