How to Move Your WordPress Website to New Hosting Provider?

Written by Rauf Saddique

How to Move your WordPress Website to new Host?

How to Move your WordPress Website to new Host?

Many people think migrating a WordPress website is a very difficult task. But they are wrong. There are several reasons for moving a website to new host. One of them is server delay time causing loss to the traffic of the website. If you are facing the same problem and want to migrate to new host then this article “How to Move your WordPress website to the new hosting provider?” Will help you like an instructor.

Let me share the steps required for moving WordPress website to a new host:

Step 1: Back Up the Whole Website:

Before doing any pilot project, related to any aspect of life, we suggest you back up the data of that project.

We all know that WordPress is the technology which relies more on plugins but this work requires manual approach. The Backup of the website requires FTP programs like FileZilla is required for this purpose. It will make a backup folder of website on your local server.

Step 2: Export Database of Your Website:

It is very simple to export the database of WordPress website. Here is step by step process of exporting the database.
  1. Login to CPanel.
  2. Open the PhpMyAdmin page of CPanel.
  3. Select the database of your WordPress website.
  4. Click Export tab lying on the left sidebar of the page.
  5. Select Quick Export.
  6. Click the Go button and process will begin.

Step 3: Create WordPress Database On New Host:

Few simple steps are required to create a new database on the new host server.
  • Open MySQL Database in CPanel of the new server.
  • Create a new Database with the appropriate name.
  • Create a MySQL user.
  • Add the MySQL user to the new database and grant privileges to it.

Step 4: Configure wp-config.php File:

The wp-Config.php file requires some changes here is full detail about the changes required:

1. Change Database Name:

Search the following line:

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘db_name’);

The db_name of the file contains database name of the old web server. All you have to do is to change this name to the new database which was created a step before this.

2. Change Username of Database:

Search for following lines in the file:

define(‘DB_USER’, ‘db_user’);

In this line, you need to change the db_user to the newly created MySQL user.

3. Change The Database User Password:

Search and edit the following line:

define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘db_pass’);

The db_pass section should be changed with newly created database password. After making all these changes, save the file and proceed to next step.

Step 5: Import Your Database:

The 5th step is to import the database that was saved to your computer in 2nd step of this process. You have to launch the PhpMyAdmin folder of the CPanel on the new server. Select the import tab from the left navigation bar.

Step 6: Upload Website To Your New Host:

Now your database is fully prepared along with the wp-config.php file. Now its time to upload your website to the new server.
  • Open FTP program on your computer and connect Web Host.
  • Upload Website using Remote Directory.
  • Also, upload updated wp-config.php file.
  • Wait for Uploading process to complete
It is recommended that all the files, databases should be saved on the computer it will help you if any problem occurs during the migration process.

Step 7: Linking of New URL and Defining New Domain:

The last but necessary step is linking of new URL of the old post. It is a common problem seen while the migration of website that the old links don’t work after the migration of website.

This issue has a solution. You have to replace DB script which allows the old links to redirect users to the new site.

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