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How to Increase Ads CPC in Google Adsense?

Written by Rauf Saddique

How to Increase CPC in Google Adsense?

Nowadays low CPC is a common problem seen in the whole digital world. CPC or Cost-Per-Click is an estimate of the revenue which will be paid by Google on the clicking of ads.
But many bloggers are worried about low CPC. Here in this article, we will tell you about How to Increase CPC in Google Adsense?

How to Increase CPC in Google Adsense?

Choose Niche and Hosting Provider Carefully:

Most of the high CPC blogs are earning due their wise opting of the niche of the site. While on the other hand Google also pays higher if your blogs are running on famous hosting providers. Google also pays higher for good niche like:
  • Health
  • Real Estate
  • Jobs
  • Banking
  • Gadget

A Content of the Website:

The second thing that also affects the CPC rate is the content of the website. It is necessary for high CPC rate is to research according to the need of the visitors and put it in the form of a good article. The traffic is also a big factor behind high or low CPC. If your content attracts European or American traffic that its CPC rate will be higher than the other.

Placement of Ads:

Other than the content and the niche of the website, the placement of ads also works a lot in increasing or decreasing the CPC. If you have placed ads according to the policies of google then you will earn a lot as well.
For ad placement, it will be recommended to place 3 ads in a blog post. 2 ads should be in the blog post while on of the ad placement should be outside of the post.

Traffic Targeting:

The traffic of a blog is key behind the higher or lower CPC of a blog. Google pays higher for USA and UK traffic like 2 and 3 dollars for these countries. While for Asian Countries, the CPC falls back to 20 to 30 cents per click.
It is suggested that the targeted audience should be English speaking nations for higher CPC. It will not only increase your CPC but the Page Rank will also be increased.

Text & Image Format:

The format of the ad also works in increasing the CPC. The ad, which should be placed inside the blog post should be 468 x 60 and 336 x 280 format.
On the other hand, the text ads are preferred by most of the successful bloggers due to high CPC and Click through rate. Most of the blogger use responsive ads which also affects the CPC of the blog. The ads should be placed according to the content of the website. Image ads have low CPC and CTR while text ads have higher CPC.


At the end of the post, we suggest you follow the above-mentioned steps for a higher CPC. This step by step guide will help you in increasing your earnings. If you have any query or suggestion feel free to share it with us.

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