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How to Download Videos from Youtube Easily?

Download youtube videos
Written by Rauf Saddique

YouTube is a third most popular website on the web and number 1 video hosting source that provides you various result just by entering keywords in the search box; you can search any video such as songs, lectures, movies, etc. which is in your mind. Videos can’t play properly with slow internet connection, so in order to see videos, it is important to download the whole clip. YouTube enables you to see videos offline but there is a problem that YouTube does not allow you to directly download any video.
How to Download Youtube Videos

Third-Party Software:
Third party software provides a platform where you can easily download online videos, you just need to paste the URL of YouTube video and it downloads the highest quality version of video typically in mp4 format. There are many video downloaders are available on the web you can download it on your desktop but now we are going to share methods through which you can download videos easily.

1.    FreeMake Video Downloader:
Freemake is the fastest video downloader because it can download a 2 hour HD video in just 4 minutes. Freemake claims that at the same time it can easily download multiple videos. You can download and install the Freemake video downloader from the web. During the installation of Freemake video downloader keep one thing in mind that you do the custom install in order to avoid the unwanted changes in your system because there may be changes occurring in your system due to the third-party antivirus program.

2.    Airy:
Airy is the video downloader program which enables you to download YouTube videos easily. In order to download youtube videos with Airy, you need to paste the URL of the youtube video.  After pasting the URL, set the format and quality of the video and Airy do the rest. There is one downside of the Air that it will download only youtube videos. Airy is the paid software, in order to use Airy to download youtube video you need to pay $19.95.

3.    YTD Video Downloader:
YTD is one of the popular video downloaders because it can not only download the youtube videos but it works with more than 50 other video hosting sites. YTD is not only a downloader while it converts files into another format, but if you pay its yearly fee that is $29.90 you can use its other functions such as downloading acceleration and multiple videos at the same time and no advertisement. YTD has IOS and android app; IOS app can’t download videos while the android app can do it, but it can’t be downloaded from Google play, you need to use its APK file.

4.    YoutubeByClick:

The developer of Youtubebyclick was inspired by YTD, that’s why the features of Youtubebyclick and YTD were same. Youtubebyclick works with 50 video hosting sites and can integrate with the browser such as (chrome, Firefox, Edge and even IE). It can download multiple full HD videos at once and can convert files to your desired format.

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