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Top 5 Essential Plugins for WordPress Sites

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Written by Rauf Saddique

WordPress Plugins works more for getting traffic and earning money online. Not only it works for the earning but plugins also extends the functionalities of the website. In this post, I am going to share 5 best WordPress plugins that can make your website work like a professional one. These WordPress plugins will help you in making your website fly high in Search Engines.

You can get free and premium plugins for WordPress which suits your website more. Here we go, the top 5 best WordPress plugins are as below:

5 Best WordPress Plugins:

1. Akismet For WordPress

5 Best WordPress Plugins for WordPress Sites

Akismet is built-in plugin developed by the team of WordPress. This plugin is automatically added to websites. The basic functionality of Akismet is to detect the spam login, spam comments and filter them out of the site.
This plugin is available for free use as well as for premium use as well. Different monthly plans are available for different commercial and non-commercial website.

2. Jetpack:

5 Best WordPress Plugins for WordPress Sites

Jetpack a plugin developed by brilliant minds for WordPress. Same like its name, Jetpack is a pack of some excellent working features that helps the website to work brilliantly.
The main idea behind developing of this plugin is to make the security of the website, enhancing the performance of the website, attracting the traffic and alots of others.
The plugin also helps in preventing brute force attack on your website and notify even on a minor issue as well.

3. All In One Rich Snippets:

5 Best WordPress Plugins for WordPress Sites

Many of website wants the extra features like rating, reviews etc, Rich snippets is the plugin used for boosting the CTR of website, provide the information of the website and highlight the main product or page on the website for readers.

4. Yoast SEO:

5 Best WordPress Plugins for WordPress Sites

It is very necessary for the owner of a website to know the SEO score of the page. SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the technique of improving the index and rating of the website in different search engines by placing different keywords in it.
Yoast SEO provides on-page SEO in term of free as well as premium services. It also provides the difficulty level of the written content.
The Yoast SEO optimize the performance of the website by the providing a keyword placement method. You have to add a keyword in your post and optimize the website same as the instructions given under the Keyword adding a place in Yoast SEO bar in the website. It provides alt image attribute, meta description, heading of the post, In URL and other features.
Same like Yoast SEO, another plugin All in One SEO Pack with same working functionality is available for the users.

5. Google XML Sitemaps:

5 Best WordPress Plugins for WordPress Sites

Sitemap of a website is necessary for indexing of the website into different search engines. For this purpose, Google XML Sitemaps is very useful SEO plugin for WordPress. On the activation of plugin, the sitemap of the website automatically indexes the website into different search engines.

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