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How to make USB Bootable Windows 7? Step by Step Guide

USB bootable windows
Written by Rauf Saddique

USB stands for the Universal serial bus. It is a technology that provides a plug-and-play interface in order to communicate between computer and peripheral devices. If you have an old USB drive but you don’t use it anymore, now it’s the time to turn it into an operating install disk for your window, UNIX, MAC system and you can also turn it to a diagnostic tool for your laptop or desktop.
If you don’t know the procedure of making USB bootable window 7 so don’t worry. Here you can see two methods for making your USB bootable but it is also important to know that the by the method 1 you can install only window vista, 7, 8, and 8.1. 

USB Bootable Window 7
Here is the step by step procedure to make the USB bootable, so be patient and stay in touch.

Method 1:

Install Any Operating System on Your Computer Using A USB Flash Drive:

·         Search the command prompt; right-click on it and select Run as Administrator. Now you’re asked for the password, enter the password of your administrator account. Now the Administrator Command Screen will appear on your desktop, copy the whole disc of operating system installation.
·         Now type the Diskpart and press enter.
·         Run the command Listdisk and press enter. Now you will be able to see the list of all connected drives, your USB flash drive is also here. Remember its number.
·         Select the USB from the list and type select disk [its number without “[ ]”].
·         Press enter.
·         Type the keyword clean and press enter in order to clean your USB flash drive so it will delete all the files.
·         Enter the command Create Partition Primary on your USB flash drive. Now the Diskpart Succeed message will appear on the screen in creating the partition.
·         Type Partition 1 to choose the partition and press enter.
·         Type the word Active.
·         Format your USB drive by typing the format command Format fs=fat32 and press enter. It may take some time for the larger system such as 4GB USB thumb drives but for the small system, it will take few minutes.
·         Run the command Assign to allocate a letter to your bootable drive and press enter
·         Run exit command to leave the diskpart.
·         At the last, choose any window from window vista, 7, 8, and 8.1 and copy its installation files to your USB.
·         We hope you will love this method and surely enjoy the method of the installation of your bootable USB drive.
Method 2:
Use your USB as a Repair Toolkit:
·         In order to make the USB bootable window 7 with the software, you need the universal bus installer and the .ISO file of the software. You can easily download both of them from the given link.
·         Open the universal bus installer, press browse button and select the ultimate boot CD. Now select a letter of USB drive and press create button.
·         Now your USB flash drive is ready to use.
·         Restart your computer with USB plugged in and enjoy your USB as a repair tool.

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