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How to do On-Page Search Engine Optimization?

On page seo
Written by Rauf Saddique
Nowadays Search Engine Optimization is a mostly used technique, used for earning from home with little hard work and research. Many of the people want to know about the SEO. So, we will share our best experience with you, for increasing your traffic and earnings.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization is used for attracting visitors to your website and increasing traffic. Basically, Search Engine is further classified into two categories: Off-page SEO and On-Page SEO.
Coming to the Off-page SEO, the technique which is applied off the website for increasing the traffic, like a link building, Social site networking, guest post, and many others.
While On-page SEO is referred to all such things and efforts used on the content of the website for ranking the pages high on the search engine like titles, image descriptions, meta descriptions, and Internal linking, etc.
For the attraction of organic traffic to the website, On Page SEO is the most effective technique nowadays. We will share the experience of optimization of website’s content for getting the higher rank on search engine.
On-Page Search Engine Optimization

How to do On-Page Search Engine Optimization:

1. Page Titles:

The first and most important thing for a higher ranking of a website by using On-page Search Engine Optimization is the titles of pages. The titles which are used by all of us while posting new content on the website. The most recommended thing for the page titles is to use unique, appropriate in length and user-friendly title enriched with the keywords for SEO.

2. URL Structure:

URL of a page also play a vital role in the ranking of the website. Search Engines first checks the keywords in the URL of the page and then in the titles, that’s mean URL structure is important in term of SEO. There should be keyword enriched URL structure. URL of the page should be search engine friendly so that your website can be easily ranked higher on any of the search engines.

3. Meta Descriptions:

Meta Descriptions are short titles used for easy referring of traffic to the website. Most of the people don’t use meta descriptions which lead toward low ranking in Search Engines. If we use a keyword in a post, then the meta description should also be related to the keyword used in the page. Most of the people use irrelevant meta description which doesn’t help your blog to get organic traffic.
The Meta description is the text which is shown under the title and link of the page which is shown in the search engine. We suggest you, for using the text which is related to the keywords used within the content of the page.

4. Keyword Density:

Keyword density plays a vital role in the ranking of pages or website. We are getting so many queries from people that they are using keywords, but their traffic isn’t increasing. Here is the answer for those friends.
Keyword density is the most probable problem for those who use the keyword but not exactly in such number which is recommended by the Search Engines. Most of the popular Search Engines recommend using the keyword in between 1-5% of the content. Using higher or lower keyword decrease the chances of higher ranking of the site on search engines. Sometimes search Engines ban such sites which are violating their policies in term of keyword density.

5. Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.):

For the best Search Engine Optimized page, it is necessary to use all body tags in the post. Those who are the master in Microsoft word knows what are body tags?
The body tags are sections like Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 Heading 4 etc. which are used during the article writing. If you want your post to be Search Engine optimized, use all of the headings in your post. It will put the great impression on the visitors and search engine praise this effort by referring traffic toward your website.

6. Internal Linking:

Internal Linking is the term referred to the giving the reference links of different pages of your website into a page. Placing of the link of different pages of the website in a post brings traffic not only to a specific page but also to the pages that have been already posted on your website but search engine hasn’t ranked it well.
Internal Links play an important role and work as a rapid weapon for increasing the earning from the online website. It shows the proper crawling of your website and helps the search engine to find all pages of your website.

7. Image SEO:

It is highly recommended by all of the search engines to use the content relevant image on the page for good indexing of page. Using of the image in the content give a visual representation of your website on Search Engine. It also refers different people to your website, whose were searching a content with the help of Google Images, Bing Images etc.

For getting a higher ranking, it is also suggested that Alt Text and Description of the image must be included with the keyword used in the content. The keyword used in the post should be used once in the Alt Text of the image.
In the case of using an image from another source, we suggest you to give the credit or source for the image in the description of the image. It doesn’t comply with the policies of Search Engines and makes pages more visible and clear to the users.

These were the basic On-page SEO techniques which are used by most of the bloggers. Many of top ranked websites don’t know the ABC of SEO but they follow the rules set by Search Engines which are based on all of the above mentioned steps. These steps are key for them in getting high rank on Search Engine.

If you want to increase your traffic, we suggest you to apply these techniques on your pages. It will help you in getting the higher rank and more organic traffic which will directly put a great impact on the earning of blog, website.

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