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How to Migrate your Website to WordPress?

Written by Rauf Saddique
Many people want an easy way to migrate their Migrate your site to wordpress but without bothering their users’ community. After a deep research, we are here with tips to easy migrate your site to wordpress.
Migrate your site to wordpress
With the help of proper planning and careful testing, it can be performed either using the plugin for migration or doing all the process manually. For performing such migration, there are some strategies that would be helpful.

Strategies to be Planned:

  •  Make a proper backup of the current site to avoid data loss.
  • Install the WordPress on the current site as well as on the new host.
  • Make sure that the plugins and themes are compatible with your new host.
  • Now it’s time for updating the new plugins and themes on the new host.
  • Download the WordPress content folder and export all the data of old site from the database.
  • Make a test view of your site and check all the plugins and pages before going live.

How to Maintain the Traffic?

It is a headache for some site owners that they mostly lose their organic traffic after moving to WordPress. Here are some simple steps that will redirect your users to a new architecture and domain. By using the WordPress plugin for redirecting traffic, you can easily get your organic traffic. You can also edit the. htacess file for redirecting the traffic, but by using the wp_redirect function you can create a custom redirecting plugin.
The second step is to regenerate the sitemap of your site and built the backlink to your site which will allow search engines to index your site in their databases. Changing the whole internal structure will put an effect on the visitors. Try to regenerate the sitemap if anything has been changed internally. In case of using an old sitemap, the Search engine will direct the visitors to dead links which will result in losing the regular traffic.

Try to Put Easing Impact on Users:

It will be a good step to make the current WordPress site live before the full migration is performed. It will make transparent migration for users. If you have changed the domain name, then it will be suitable for you to enable domain forwarding and leaving some kind of message on the old domain for the regular visitors about the migration of site.

How to deal with Missing Components?

Sometimes due to internal linking errors (link broken, image or data missing) the user doesn’t get the actual page or data they want to access it is caused due to improper data exported from the database. For avoiding internal link error, try to download all the data from the database and upload it manually after moving to the new site.

Configuration required After Migration:

Some plugins often cause the problem after moving the site and need to be reconfigured for giving a proper look to others. Before going live check all the plugins, pages, component of the new site to ensure that all the links are properly working or not.
These were the basic steps and tips that are necessary for the users that don’t have enough knowledge about migrating the site. Following these steps respectively, will prevent your sites from maximum error and provide you the error free site on the new host. 

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