How to Get Benefits from Mobile Cloud Computing Architecture?

Cloud computing benifits
Written by Rauf Saddique
Mobile cloud computing

Mobile Cloud Computing is the type of Cloud Computing in which the mobile environment is used for cloud computing. By combining all the elements of both Cloud Computing and mobile network, best services for mobile users are provided. The Mobile cloud computing doesn’t need the speedy CPU or memory because all the data is processed with the help of cloud computing.

The mobile cloud computing combines the cloud computing and smartphones and provides best services to the users. The data storage and data processing are performed outside the mobile device which make this service quick and efficient. The mobile cloud computing provides an easy way for both the mobile user and the operating companies for processing the data efficiently and reliably by spending low cost.

In Mobile Cloud Computing, two types of architecture are used that are based on the parties that participate in this process. The types of mobile cloud computing are:
  • Non-Cloudlet Architecture
  • Cloudlet Architecture

Non-Cloudlet Mobile Computing Architecture:

In Non-Cloudlet Architecture, there are three components that enable the mobile cloud computing to run efficiently.The components are Mobile Client, Cloud and Transmission channel. The cloud is accessible by the organization that owns it or by all users that have accounts on it. The non-cloudlet architecture uses the direct path for communicating both the mobile client and the data on the cloud. The main con of this architecture is the latency rate. Latency rate is the delay of transmission between client and cloud computing. Due to direct communication between client and cloud the delay in transmission occurs which cause slow data processing on the mobile client side. There is no range of users in this architecture which is another cause of slow processing. The cloud will be controlled by either the organization which owns it or the company that provides services to the users.

Cloudlet Mobile Computing Architecture:

For minimizing the latency problem of non-cloudlet architecture, a cached copy of data is installed between the cloud and the mobile client and it is known as cloudlet mobile computing. Cloudlet architecture has competitively fewer users than non-cloudlet architecturewhich make the transmission efficient and quick as compared to the other architecture. The cache copy of data is installed locally on few systems which don’t allow the latency problem to interfere between the mobile client and the cloud. The cloudlet mobile computing architecture is only used by the organization that has less number of employees, which need fast processing and reliable transmission.
Non-cloudlet mobile computing architecture is expensive than the cloudlet architecture. Many of the organizations used more than one cloudlet architecture for making the reliability and efficiency of data processing within larger organizations. After comparison of the architecture of mobile computing now, it is easy for the organizations that wants to start the mobile cloud computing or the cellular companies those wants to start mobile computing for their users. The cost effective and quick services are always preferred by the genius owners. Now it’s upon you to choose optimal computing services for your organization.

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