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3 BADASS Viral Marketing Techniques For Driving More Traffic

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Written by Rauf Saddique

Viral Marketing is this super hard thing that all just boils down to getting really really lucky but today I’m going to prove to you that that is total bullshit in fact in this short video I’m going to show you three dead simple ways that you can use borrow marketing to drive more traffic backlinks and sales to your

sides and I’ll be showing you real life examples of how to do it it doesn’t involve spending days making the perfect viral video or anything like that help you don’t even have to make your own video you don’t have to write this incredible piece of content and you definitely don’t have to rely on luck now I know that might sound too good to be true but just give me a few minutes

and trust me I’m going to change the way that you think about viral marketing Yeah so basically what I’m going to show you how to do in this video is to take advantage of content that’s already proven to go viral so it’s not going to be a guessing game we’re not going to create content and then just hope it goes viral

we’re going to be using content that’s already proven to borrow and then posting that to our sides but for this to work you will need to establish social profiles built up they don’t have to have hundreds of thousands of followers you need at least a few thousand though but they have to be real followers they have to be knit related and they can’t

just be some shitty fight fans that you bought off some dodgy website now if you don’t already have social profiles built up then don’t worry because I have actually got videos, where I show you exactly how to do this show you how to build up massive social profiles easily with real neat related followers, have a video right here on how to do it with Tumblr I have a video right here on how to do it with Pinterest and I have a video right here

on how to do it with Facebook also if you go to my blog lazy ass doesn’t know. calm and go to the social marketing section you’ll find even more guides but anyway let’s just assume that you’ve already got the social accounts built up now what we’re going to do is create viral content and then send a bar 03 these social profiles and his three real life examples of how this can be done

one is the viral news story all that you have to do is find a borrow news story that’s related to your niche rewrite it post it to your blog posted out from your social profiles and boom it goes viral so to do this just go to and then do a search for your niche so if I have a cannabis side and I want to find cannabis news stories I just search for cannabis then you want to go through the stories and find one that

has an eye-catching headline but most importantly a ton of shares most news sites will show you a number of shares that article has got so look for a story that’s got thousands of shares across the various social networks then you simply rewrite this article posted to blog add images at eye-catching headline and then posted out from your social accounts but let me show you my real life example of exactly how this is done

so here’s a site that I set up a while back called time to legalize . all about cannabis legalization it’s just a side I used sometimes to demonstrate stuff in my videos to you guys and I’ll be using it again in this video so what I did was I look for a cannabis news story to post to this site pretty soon I found this story about a pole where a lot of Americans were

saying that they be sugar as more harmful than cannabis so what I’ve done is I’ve just rewritten this story myself about it an eye-catching headline and eye-catching image and then I posted it to my side and then I’ve posted out from my social accounts this includes my Pinterest account my twitter account my facebook account my Google plus account and my tumbler account a lot probably about ten

thousand followers or so now that might sound like a lot but if you’ve seen my other social marketing videos you know how easy it is to build up that many followers then I just SAT back checked a couple days later and sure enough it had over 200 shares on Facebook had over 50 upvotes on Reddit and it had over 80 plus ones on google+ and as a result this story received several hundred visitors that day which

is not bad for a story that only took me 15 minutes or so to right now obviously the bigger your social accounts are the more viral it will go which is why building up social accounts is so important now it’s also interesting to note that this isn’t even anything that revolutionary it’s not anything shady or anything like that if you look at most big news sites who often say they’re posting the same story just written differently because

that’s what’s hot and viral at the moment you’d be amazed at how many times I’ve seen a video or story goes viral on reddit and then an hour or two hours later it’s on the front page of yahoo news this is how the big boys do it and there’s no reason you can’t do it to pot let site you’re too lazy to write.

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