The Loudest Wireless Speaker!

Loudest Wireless Speaker!
Written by Rauf Saddique

We’re checking out something that is big. This is probably, definitely, the biggest, Bluetooth speaker setup that I have ever unboxed.

It’s called The Diamond Boxx. You can see the diamond, right there. Now, I know that it is pretty premium, other than that, I don’t know much. Let’s get right to it and discover, The Diamond Boxx. Unboxing this is gonna be a little bit tricky in this space, but I’m gonna try my best. Okay, the first thing I’m noticing here, a cable.

Mini jack cable. Holy, this thing is no joke. Got like, a leather handle on the top. Kinda like a suitcase. Now this, that’s a party. Glossy, white finish. I know it does comes in different colors/colours. All your controls are on the front here. Nice volume knob in the center. Some L.E.D. indicators here.

You can see the woofers at the bottom, tweeters at the top A power switch, looks like it has some power, an auxiliary in and then USB power, uh, I believe, That you can charge your devices from here. So if you’re streaming from a phone or something, you can power it up using the internal battery inside The Diamond Box. Now the back, is where you’re gonna find, some connectivity here, a quarter inch audio out and a quarter inch audio in as well, and then, a port for the charger. It’s meant to sort of be like, the modern boombox to improve on, the capabilities of a standard portable Bluetooth speaker. I can imagine having this thing at a function, a picnic, I know you want to go on a picnic.

Those cartoons, of picnics where the ants would come along and pick up the food and walk off with it and there would be no picnic. Ants are very strong , relative to their, physique. I’m gonna check what else is in the box really quick. This is a power brick for it. How long does the battery life last, A.J? A.J : Twenty hours of play. So twenty hours on a full charge. We have, uh, little, little manual here. Apparently, right there is a two karat CZ diamond. How about, the A for effort right there? Instead, of being a standard L.E.D. , in this case, the light is shining through a CZ diamond.

“Happy listening”, from Tony to Morae. Sup, Tony? All right, so I’m gonna go ahead and plug it in and I guess listen to some music? Hopefully, be blown away. Size is kind of important, size matters, as they say. You have a bigger cabinet here. You can have bigger, physical components to create a bigger sound. And this is especially true in the lower frequencies.

Or, as the youngsters like to say, bass. So, it came up right away, Diamond Boxx. “music plays” “music plays” Obviously, this Diamond Boxx is beyond the sound levels you would expect out of a standard Bluetooth speaker. It’s much more in that kind of like, boombox realm.

La Sonic, I was right. This is it right here. Like that thing right there. I used to have one of those, back in the days with a cassette player on it. “music plays” I don’t think I’m recognizing just how loud it is, until I talked and then I realized, “Whoa!, my volume is way up here.” It’s boombox volume. You know where this would be sick, Jack. It’s in the hockey change room, getting ready for games.

Jack: It’s true. I mean, that’s, that’s next level. Jack: Yeah. If I’m coming up on a basketball game and there’s a few people playing there and they got this over on the sidelines, like listen. “music plays” I’m trying to compare it in my head to like, other Bluetooth speakers experiences.

This is a boombox. Straight up, that’s what is is. It’s all compact, it’s in one, it has a handle, it has a built-in battery and that’s what different. The auxiliary in, you got USB power, you got Bluetooth. I think I like it. Thanks very much for watching, guys. Thanks to Diamond Boxx for sending this out for me to check out. Uh, yeah, I’m happy.

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