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How To Increase The Size Of Your Memory SD CARD From 2GB To 8GB Tools

Increase The Size Of Your Memory SD CARD
Written by Rauf Saddique

this article I’ll be showing class how you can increase any of your SD card or your memory card upends right size from 2 GB 1gb 2 16gb and 8gb so let’s with that we said let’s get started so basically I make you understand what is this see if you haven’t to GB memory card our friend right you can increase up to 4gb if you have 1gb memory card up and drive you can increase it up to 4gb or if you have 4gb memory card open

drive you can increase up to a TV and 16 TV and 16gb the highest don’t cross the limit couple of a 16gb so let’s start the process before starting you for watching my channel for the first time make sure you subscribe to my channel because I’ll be uploading more videos like this so that being said let’s start for this you need to first the open downloading software called memory drive increased you can see the result you may drive increases link of the software

will be in the description box so after downloading just open it open it as you can see i just opened it now let me show you which do be working on as you can see this is the dress and the pitch and it’s 1.8 16v I that means it is 2gb paint right and 1.6 dv7 level so I will make it up to I’ll just increase it up to 8gb so let’s start so here’s the software again I’ll just what you want to call it that I will just stay in and just keep the name

is saying this will be the name you want to call it your name of your pen drive or your memory card I’ll just press it as in ok and that’s present at what is the drive later so here is the physical team is you can see the do letters it’s all just visit capital H the center and here’s the size you want one means 1gb two minutes to GV 44 mins 4g still just visit a

and I just press enter now something is walking on It you can see it’s working something is working on it so after it works it’ll be okay so let’s start so it will take a bit of time are basically don’t panic it can take away the time the more amount of the GPU want it will take a bit of time for that time I just pause it so guys now you can see it’s it’s written it’s done and press any key to

exit so it has Took a nearly one to two minutes to complete the process and in the meantime you can see here that involved this cage which is which was two GB and have increased it to hub out of which 7.89 TVs freely available and just press enter and it’s done that’s it and you can get three storage out of it and one thing to mention when the processes running

please don’t cancel the box rd process of the driving pleaser it can harm me SD card so let the process complete elected how much it time it takes so basically you want to go home you SD card or it won’t corrupt your SD card so you can try this process if you have any problem comment I will just help you guys think this often in description box this is pretty much it you can increase any of your SD card so with that being said I’ll just close this video open meet you

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