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PayPal – How Does It Work?

PayPal - How Does It Work
Written by Rauf Saddique

hey there I’m Malik Ameer and I’m here to tell you all about PayPal in a

nutshell it’s the safer easier way to pay for stuff online setting up your PayPal account is free and soon just give us your email address create a password and then securely store your payment details that’s your bank debit or credit card details now you might be thinking those details are valuable.

no I know some evil internet fraudsters isn’t going to steal them and then with me off well he is the knee thing we keep your details safe for you to even the people you’re shopping with don’t get to see in fact over 20 million online shoppers in the UK have a PayPal account so you can shop safely wherever you see the PayPal button hundreds of thousands of websites accept

paper including boots top shop and on the high street retailers and because we store all your details you don’t need to carry them around with you son when you see something you want all just click on the checkout with PayPal button and it’s as easy as 123 1 log in to choose how you want to pay by debit or credit card or direct from your bank three confirm your order a few clicks

and you’re sorted no more hunting for your card or filling in pages of details when you’re shopping online what’s more we don’t charge you with a shovel retailers and accept it simple like and sit back and wait for your stuff to arrive paper the safer simpler smarter way to pay online

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