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How to start a Blog – Beginners Guide

How to start a Blog - Beginners Guide
Written by Rauf Saddique

it is how to start your own blog which is always very exciting excuse the pretty face and may be here this is really hot outside especially for autumn I think it’s like a heatwave kind of dying over here so how the Sun is always shining directly kind of my way so just stay with me and I hope you guys will enjoy this video to me you have two platforms to kind of choose from and that’s blogger and

WordPress now workplace not and the free WordPress but i would suggest the salt posted word place now there’s quite a difference between these two I would for anyone just starting out starting a blog I would always suggest blogger I was on blogger for years it was amazing I would probably still be on there if it was not for another slide I had onward place so I kind of found

easier to have both of them on the same platform but otherwise blogger has loads of perks obviously it’s free to sign up it’s very easy to do everything that have all the templates for you all of those things so basically you just need an email you sign up with them and everything is done for you and there are loads of people who use blogger even

like big bloggers like me from Atlantic pacific she still uses a Blogspot blog now if you don’t want your name dot blog you can also buy a domain name and actually integrate that with your blogger so its toll free but it looks like a hosted site and you can totally design but just the way you want so I think that is a pretty good option start with now would praise you obviously need a lot more skill and

HTML the whole layout areas different you’ll have to pay to get your site hosted every month with a place like GoDaddy for examples that might be about ten dollars a month for that obvious use you need to buy your name your domain name for that and it feels to me like it’s a lot more upkeep and blog it is but there are alone like loads of awesome things you can do with WordPress as well you can give these awesome

plugins which I love you can have is the 0 tools which is really good for search engine ranking and all these things and obviously you have like a total freedom / what you want to do with your site and actually bought a template for line they’re playing template so that was awesome to use that anyway so first off you need to choose between those two platforms now when you done choosing your platform and you actually want to sign up or get

something going to get a domain name you have to decide on a name not to me the name equals your brand if you can think in that direction I know lots of people just want to start a blog for final bed blogs can be businesses to as you have seen all the big bloggers and I see nothing wrong in making some extra cash for all your cash with your blog if you can do that you so lucky so I’m next up is your name

no it’s very important not choose like either a silly name or even think of examples of something you feel that weren’t and stay through time something that’ll just people that yeah that meant that in nod and call yourself Bieber fever oh really like that that’s obviously not going to work and I made that mistake and I chose social goals because my blogs are out

way back in like 2006 I think as a gossip blog and then it grew into something totally diff but then I had everything set up for social goals ready so and stuck with that name now that they were noted sochi’s all think a lot before you choose your name if you’ve chosen your name go register and whatever blogger or WordPress where

you want your site and then go and do your social media good twitter go to get a facebook page undress YouTube everywhere and register that same name on all your can’t obviously we’re going to choose something baby I’m popular it’s going to probably taken already so time think about that be really creative and interesting with your name

and just go register everything because you don’t want to be stuck one day and you want to get a twitter account off easily oh no I’m looking like to it all the time you like it and your name has been taken by someone else and people are at replying that random person thinking it’s you so that could be really awkward now the job all of that sorted you can go on to the layout of your blog

now there are loads of places you can get temper temper Liesl block all the bloggers have some awesome templates especially the minimal one I really enjoy you can go and buy a template these words of it he stores that have beautiful templates these days that come with haters and all sorts of things you can help one design for you if you have too many people that are you cannot divide yourself obviously on Photoshop or GIMP or one word place

if you have a WordPress like me i went to Lou seems . comment on our butts off the canvas theme which is fully customizable it cost him two dollars but it was totally worth that but obviously if you’re blogging you can just start out by designing your own header and a few buttons on the side bar if you want and all of that stuff background colors all lots of fun and they are loads of tutorials out there on

hard to do all of that now when you done with all your site goodies and it looks and have to you kind of need to put content in there because obviously no one wants to read an empty dog because there’s nothing to read so then you have to start thinking what you want to put in there obviously you have 14 did your name when you started your blog you were like I’m

going to be a fashion blog I’m going to be a beauty blog or a lifestyle blog that covers everything or food blog there are so many things to choose from so now you actually need to start with a content now no I goals which is kind of a lifestyle blog but more towards the fashion side

I do have food and also things like that as well but mostly I have my fashion goodies then I have that guide which is lifestyle it’s touching everything those recipes their outfits is shopping with beauty all sorts of things de Gaulle and you need to decide what you want in your blog so kind of has a theme even lifestyle it still has a theme people know they can come to your blog for a whole bunch of things

so once you know that you specifically know what you want to write you can start and that’s such a fun part are you going to do long blog posts i know loads of people right like really long ones know really well written if you’re a good writer if you’re not a good writer maybe do lists of things like 10 things i love doing team outputs you love or 10

things to be together whatever it might be it is so many different ways to write blog posts it doesn’t always have to be full of texts but text advice because obviously content is key when you want your blog wrecked and search engines and you can also decide help us or you want to meet usually I like writing just like time a little bit maybe about my day or something else something personal sometimes other times that some people

decided to be totally anonymous they don’t want anything personal which is fine as well maybe you have like a different view on things and people still find it interesting so there’s always a way to hook your audience then obviously photos if you take your own photos great but make sure they are clear and pretty can even take photos of your iPhone all whatever top of knowing you have as long as they are clear and you really want to be serious about

blogging i would suggest getting a nice camera because they do take or some photos and photos people love photos obviously they want to confide oohs and share photos and if you my facebook page you’re going to like the photos on Instagram so that’s a really good thing to have and if you use other people’s photos which a lot of people do and which is fine as well

please remember to credit them because there’s nothing was then stealing people’s four guys and they don’t get the credit for it even though they were really really hard but that out there and I think if you take your own burners you will actually know how hard that is so that’s definitely something to remember now that is all I’m going to talk about today and in the next one I’m probably going to go a little bit more

in detail with things and with video and how to monetize your blog and all kinds of things like that so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I’ll have a post-op on social goals with all these points in kind of detail form so you can read and remember and I’ll have some links to we can go get things so anyway

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