How to Rank YouTube Videos 2017

How do you make your videos on YouTube in this video we’re going to share with you how we get the majority of our videos right on the first page of search results coming up this is video influencers impact with online video in today’s question comes from in search engine optimization and how I can get more views for my video thanks so much for your advice and I look forward to hearing your answer really like to say content is King but research is Queen and every King needs his Queen and so research when it comes to ranking is actually I think one of the most powerful ways to get videos recommend you start by discovering ideas and opportunities on YouTube prank videos to put it simply when I first started thinking about what I want to take off I just want to come up with for my videos I think about the potential deal the potential subscriber that might be typing on YouTube something to find certain types of content and that’s what I’m starting you know like I get into the brain I get into the psyche of the people trying to find the type of content I think that they might want to see examples and think about somebody’
How to Rank YouTube Videos 2017

Palliative keywords and so we’re talking five to nine words so maybe how to cook eggs with bacon that’s not super specific you’re starting out you really want to take advantage of the opportunities for ranking keywords that are less competitive because if not they’re only getting a few months couple hundred years and that’s still videos that are helping people discover your channel to bring it all together with whatever it is that you want to take those videos and the research from that and what you want to do put it together in a searchable title search for video that has a Content you want to create more viewers in addition to that this is a practical example of how to make.
Also that’s a very searchable term because how many other people out there want to do that creates a great video but he uses a title that a lot of people are searching that videos gotten millions of views yes so practically you’re taking your ideas and bouncing between your ideas and research and so he is passionate about Apple content so he jumped on the trend put a video out with the title that would be very sociable with good content and then that video links to this day when you search gold Apple watch the Bulls recently kind of case studies is I did a video called how to Snapchat with no hands and tell the kids then you have to think about your audience doesn’t know what they don’t know yet and so what I discovered was actually one of the video influencers team members Johnny told me about this bluetooth remote that you can Snapchat with no hands and I was super cool but people aren’t they don’t know they need a remote.
How to Rank YouTube Videos 2017 How To Seo From Youtube 2017
So I started doing some research and I found out that the search term was how to Snapchat with no hands on Snapchat no hands at so that I created a video of super helpful and that video now thanks and is getting lots of search results and so that research phase is so important to combine that with the concept you’re doing and then all the video SEO type of stuff I don’t really have time to go in that but you know I definitely have a course called video ranking Academy and there’s been some other free content on that as well and so will think of some resources in the description below all the optimization that it takes to ring question of the day what do you do to try and get more views.

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