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How To Make Money With Infolinks

Make Money With Infolinks
Written by Rauf Saddique

Hey what’s up everybody so I have the small gardening blog you can see gets anywhere from 956 to 535 – 285 years in a day usually earns me about a dollar or two a day on AdSense AdSense isn’t always good enough so like me you may want to increase your blog earnings so one thing I did you’ll see right here these in text ads now these are all.

Provided by a site called and feelings about that but I want you to do as I want to increase your daily water and it’s all you have to do go over the info thanks sign up they do have a referral program that’s going to get you signed up for and I’ll be completely honest with you I get 10% of anything you want for the first 12 months if you sign up but.
Maybe take a look at $0.48 3691 $10 6211 $0.88 today on infolinks which isn’t much but it’s a little bit more than what I was reading with just add cents are in a dollar or two a day on AdSense and I add an extra $0.88 every day well then I’m running almost in 02 to $3 a day it’s not much but it pays for Netflix it pays for my Google Play subscription and pays for a tank of gas every month it’s just my simple little later in a little bit more out of my blog I put a decent amount of work into so if you guys are.
Click the link below read about their services see what it’s like for you see if infolinks can increase your earnings every day if it can let me know if it helps you everything is completely stupid let me know that as well but if you’re going to sign up I think that’s a good idea please sign up on my link below and let’s start reading together how do I stop this
Hey what’s up guys I’m going to shut you buy in for links account I find this company to be the one of the most ridiculous low paying companies in regards to as putting up ads on your on your website I know I started in the month of thinking the end of July but I can only go back to the first of August you know for some reason I call you back even more if you guys are planning on using it for things seriously consider using somebody else you know I’m very surprised that all these people like them that I’ve been from Google and I can use Google AdSense and I think you’re getting the set of numbers is great but you know I don’t I’ll take it right now and it’s $56,000 right.
Is 56000 Page views right and left it on that day I had 9591 and use another Penny to pay $20 for it it’s not too bad but it still sucks compared to other advertising companies and I’m sorry you get that out of it and these guys have been becoming progressively worse and worse and worse that it’s I’ve decided a few days ago that I would stop using this because it’s become so bad that it’s not even worth having these guys are wasting inventory on your own on my website and I’ll show you what I mean when I say it’s become progressively worse these numbers are just pathetic I’ve never seen numbers like this coming from a company that sells and 66000 page views 9843 ad views and I got paid $6.60 incredible I’ve never seen something like this is beyond pathetic look at the day before I had less than half of the page views double it up and I only get $6 60 is guys have become not just that they become physically there so you can pay this number just to get that out there just to give you an indication of what this company is about and what they pay it it’s it’s ridiculous that I’m using for sale on 86660 right back right to the top go back to the top with that number again $56,020 53 complete garbage company.
Don’t waste your time brother go and call the stick to other companies you don’t play around stay away from these idiots have no clue what they’re doing you guys take care talk to

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