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Make Money With BuySellAds
Written by Rauf Saddique

Cigar someone to officially welcome you to day 1 of The 100 diet program I’m excited to get started and I thought we’d start off talking about better and sorry for the first 10 days let’s f*** is a banner ad and I wanted to share with you this site that actually just started experimenting with some literally like 2 days ago before we get to town and I just want to show you the date and as you can see it’s Monday the 19th of December so officially died and now this time I actually came across it a few days ago and it looks pretty interesting so apparently you can buy into it mostly banner ads will show some text and also if you have a Blog you can actually sell ads so you can put your side on here and then advertises come to this side and they can actually have a look at your side and buy some meds so let me just give you the 200 bicycle at work sorry.
There’s a lot of difference in the different categories and they said that was a rental space on the inside for people who want to do something different Deadpool let’s have a look at this one right here quick online tips don’t come let’s open this up and I’ll just show you how this works sorry let me open it up in the tub and I’ll tell you exactly what about the Alexa rank say 4290 that means a lot of traffic that means it’s really 4399 sites in the world that I getting more traffic because I forgot it in there. You can say this is what it is so usually what I do is I’ll just have a quick look at it and the question I’m asking myself is would my prospects my ideal prospects of potential prospects be on this side.

And the answer is for me in my case I have on marketing of Mike money off or make money online officer this is all about tech stuff online sorry yes it’s possible it’s not exactly the most time to traffic but I’m willing to try it that’s that’s one thing I want you to understand this because this program you’ve got to be willing to try new advertising sources because because she ate you going to have all the advertising sources that everyone else you might could use this but you’ve got to be willing to try new things so we can say this one’s actually sold out normally you can buy a bottle and you can see he is 5 x 125 x 125 that’s referring to the size of the better ride a 125 then a ride.
Let’s have a look that’s like I don’t want to leave tabs at 1:25 been right here we got these at 1:25 banner ads she can see all of these different advertises that I’ve obviously brought the spices for the for the buy sell ads Network so those little 125 spices are costing them about $400 per month now that number they come up with that number by some the quality of traffic and the volume like I said this is this has quite a high Alexa rank so it’s getting a lot of a lot of traffic that explains why it is a little bit more than that so I said that you know he has an intellectual rank of less than 100,000 k sorry I’m looking for sides around the same price range if I find something that’s only $50 for 30 days to me it’s not really worth.
But with where my business is not however if you just getting started with Ensure give it a try so I told her to tell you some other things I drink 5 out of 10 I don’t really pay too much attention to that that just really gives you a rough idea of where it’s ranked in the search engines so what I’ll follow it to the fullest and someone compete right that’s something you might want to pay attention to and I said we can see he is suggesting such so let’s say we wanted to buy this one next week um because it’s sold out let’s let’s go back and let’s have a look at some of the ones I just want to show you the prices should go through that I’m sorry for myself I’m not kidding I make money off of so I would probably got here first business and marketing and let’s have a look let’s try and find something that’s more relevant to what I do I tried this one here Injun Joe know like I said this is obviously.
marketas let’s have a look at the full details now these guys they are actually charging per month they’re actually charging on impressions ┬áthis is obviously for marketers let’s have a look at the full details now these guys they are actually charging per month they’re actually charging on Impressions so what that means he is actually my mistake this is actually the estimated Impressions but some of these sides that will actually charge you per 1000 The Impressions these guys still would prefer he dies you can see a thousand dollars for 30 days that we look at the Alexa traffic rank again it’s slightly higher so that probably explains why it’s a little bit more that got to have a place available let’s go and have a look at it like I said you just want to put it up in a new tab and it just going to see what the Sun looks like.
So I can make this this is probably something I would have to say for Philly 70 people in terms of online marketing online that one thing that you do want to do it if you want to look at all the advertisements currently on the side so if we look at these better as you can see that this one here this is bat wings for you so that’s obviously all about search engine optimization getting back legs at least one that Outsource link building again that since you stopped texting broken and someone saw a lot of these appetizers they have something to do with search engine marketing and it makes sense because the site is all about SEO search engine Journal so if we going to try out of here I’ll offer my own friends make money online I’m willing to give it a shot and I kind of feel I would be willing to try this it is a little bit pricey so.
If you just getting started out and you don’t you know you don’t have a marketing funnel that you know that’s proven to convert maybe you might not do this maybe you might start off on a lower lower budget but personally I would probably be willing to give this one a shot like I said I wanted to get this one I would pick up by now and as you can see it’s been added to my shopping cart and I would go through and choose any other ones that I wanted and then at the end you just check out and that’s it so you can see it tells you exactly what it is so it’s $1,000 for 30 days so I said the better I’d ask you about it in person so this gives you an idea of how much I how many Impressions your going to get in a month this is the rest of them and that’s quite a lot of 645000 that’s that’s quite a lot so if you wanted to go on this one the next thing you would do if you can click on ADD creative now just so you know.
Whenever you hear the word creative that’s just a fancy term for banner and that’s really all it is it always so image for the better and so that’s what created means that what you would do if you would upload the banner ad that you have saved on your desktop now if you don’t have been around so I’m going to show you in just a moment how to go and get those right I hate it when I uploaded last night because I was buying some other ones on the side so I would just like that but I need to upload an alternate text just put something like like you like I know that’s just in case image doesn’t display but you don’t really have to worry about that for the link make sure you’re putting the right tracking late so I’m using her truck out and if you didn’t watch the video about how to use hypertracker you want to go back to that okay so if you got it you should look on the start here in the Memphis area that should be a video that shows.
Exactly how to set up tracking link with high petracca someone show you how to do that here don’t watch that video but you want to put in your hot attractive link and the league needs to be unique to this side and that way every time someone clicks on you better ride you know exactly where that came from you know that I came from this website so you would put that in you would click on the side and that’s it you would basically checked out after that sorry let’s let’s actually go and have a look at my account and then I’ll show you how to do the banner ads so like I said last night in fact I brought up about $1,200 worth of ads sorry this still very new it’s far too early to tell how they doing but you can say I’m going into the my apps section before you actually check out you just need to create an account it’s completely free to create an account on the couch your money.
to buy the ads but once you got an account going to my dad’s and you can say here this is quite good at Elsa’s all about stats sorry this is yesterday in slightly to die yesterday looks like we had twenty-five klicks across these few thoughts on my parents and now showing and today so I thought we had about 13 tells you your impressions sorry just saw that 37000 questions that means that means that my banner ad has been served or displayed almost thirty-seven thousand times that short amount of time now I think a word I said so as not to seem like I’m sorry technically someone could be on a site like this one and maybe that I click on the news like on my bed or I was just showing down here but I didn’t even say that I didn’t even go down but that actually counts as one impression that we had 38 clicks not just so you know I click to write a typical click-through rate for banner ads of this sort usually going to be on the 1% so if you’re getting something like.
.035 or actually no that would be a little bit like you’re getting something like .5% that’s about acceptable because if you can get above 1% usually that means that you better ride is pretty compelling.
A lot of people quitting on them but typically usually around 1% sorry I really like about this this side of the website that you were talking in front of you so you can look at them and you can see exactly what’s going on this one here I paid $225 for 30 days 36 clicks off I was getting quite a lot of volume in fact let me show you this one this is a little bit experiment I’m not exactly sure how this is going to be but I’ll try your way okay let’s open this up or fact before we open it up you can see the stats so I paid $325 for 30 days 3 of 6 spots left that’s the estimate impressions of getting each month sorry quite a lot.
And if we are going up the side and this is a good treat it what I was looking at this eyesore and then I thought well it looks like it’s for a tenant for people who are interested in being part of something so I can make money online offer that has a lot to do with internet marketing sorry this could be a good potential plays dramatize really I’m just testing it and we’ll see how it goes you can say that’s my little better at this than around right here so that’s why I like to .6 guy every night see how so you better it’s going to be compelling it’s going to screen out to them this better and to be honest with you it’s not a very good one and I’m thinking about getting it changed because it it’s just what a blessing you really want banner ads that that really scream out and grab their attention remember this is fixed cost may be that we doing here now I told him.
About this and one of the videos under the under the start he is section but there’s two types of baby that you can buy fixed cost and performance by 6 cause I paid the $325 to have my dad around shown here for 30 days I’m never going to get that money back so my only objective in the next 30 days is to get as many clicks as possible and as many lives as possible when someone clicks on my battery that counts as one click and that didn’t cost me any extra money I’ve already paid my $225 sorry regardless of how many clicks again it’s it’s not costing me anything else that would count as one click now if I often that’s going to count as one lane and then hopefully a few of those people who become leads are then going to become customers.
Sorry let’s go back here since 8:36 o’clock so I know better that’s 125 x 125 quick to write it tells you that so that’s okay good you can test different banner ads and you want to but you always want to be testing different than what you want to see which one gets you the highest click-through rate that clear I can be the difference between whether this is profitable or not so it’s very important that we can see him build internet that was another son about.
doing stuff from the internet so I thought I’d give it a try this one let me just quickly show you this is what I told her it was all the Ridge and I get this is small and experimental traffic so I want to try let me just stop in this one up only one quick so if I don’t actually give you the election right but because I doesn’t actually give you the Alexa Rank by because I’ve got my Alexa toolbar installed which you can see the top look at the ranking there 1401 so that means at this site actually my mistake that’s actually for
Let’s look at it here. I like as you can see the Alexa rank for hunting so the rich don’t need is 143000 roughly sorry to do anything around in the top hundred fifty thousand sides so above going up to the number one to me that’s worth testing iPad if it’s see if it’s a less than or above $200,000 for example if this number was 250000 at this stage of my business maybe I wouldn’t test it because it’s not quite getting enough traffic now if you need to learn more about Alexa I also made a video for that in the study is section but anyway I was looking at this when I was deciding when should I have at 11 or can I do it well my office by 6 I make money off when someone joins me the circle I’m going to show them how to build a business online sorry it’s really I really targeting this.
Missed opportunity Seekers people who want to make money and this side I looked at it and I thought well I thought the rich the sort of people who would be looking at this side probably like to see the dream about expensive home so if they’re interested in buying them maybe they have a lot of money so I thought well we’ll give it a try and ask you so sorry for one click not too impressive so it’s far too early to tell but let me explain why that that probably is we drove down here we go right down here place right down to the bottom this is my dad this isn’t actually a better and this is just a text. That’s another thing that you can do it on this buy sell and still come you can do that around but you can also do text ads so this is my text that I can say it says broom free how to get up to 23 checks each month and Mike.
$3,604.54. I let me explain that again this is cost me $30 to be shown here in this position on this website and I’m never going to get that money back and I kind of have that money that’s been outside so my only objective for the next 30 days is to get as many as possible she can see this ad it is really just a little bit boring $2,000.
But it’s meant it’s meant to be that way so when someone’s looking at these pictures I want my dad to distract them and I want them to see you down at the side of the vision Say peripheral vision I wanted to catch their attention and then I triggered this how to get to 23 Texas month by 2600 I and I and I click on it and then that link that’s that’s linked to my hypothetically just for this side of the heart to try to look forward to you that’s how I know how many clicks and how many leads I’m getting from this one side the point I was making was this this side as you can see by the Alexa rank it’s not getting a whole lot of traffic getting some but it’s not it’s not anywhere near as impressive as this one is good this one’s 29000 shots not getting much traffic and to add to that my
ADD it’s right down the bottom now most people who land on a website like this I mean that they won’t look at the furnace but the chances of them scrolling right down to the bottom a lot of them on even going to do that because they have been not even going to see the ad so that counts as one impression that’s the point I’m trying to make you an impression it’s not the same as saying that just means the ad was served so we’ll see how that goes and it was only $30 so I thought well we’ll give it a try and we’ll see how it goes now I can say I did the text that.
8 spots available so they don’t look too popular item 10 spots available that probably that’s the reason why $30 that was one option the other option was you could do an email Charlie it’s about to get better right now this would have been in the top right so you can see it’s a little bit more expensive and I would have tried this but the only reason I didn’t was I didn’t have a better ride in this particular size so I forgot that I can see the other one I’m trying is STI forums. All that one was $200 the better as well as 125 x 125 and so far only one click okay now the other thing I want to show you some of the ads that I brought up haven’t yet being approved so if I click on the show you I’ll show you some of the other side too much potassium.
Just give this a second to refresh okay now you can say I’ve also got this one here knew Premier business but I’ll show you that in just a second digital inspiration world’s number one Sports Forum I kind of this one this is $315 per month that is 300 x 250 pixels so that’s a much bigger better ride I’m typically the bigger your banner at the more expensive it’s going to be because you’re more likely to get more clicks you’re taking up more space so they usually going to charge you more money and I got the approval process with the side usually around 24 to 48 hours basically you’re paying for it and then this I don’t know I guess they’re going to look at the banner ad and they going to decide whether it’s right or not and that the only way that I would say it’s not as if it violates one of their policies for example you can have anime.
My dad then rides with things and moving around and some of these side on this don’t like that so they would disappear and I tried but I expect to get a response about these ads in the next in the next 12 hours at least so let me just tell you one more and then I’ll show you how to make up the banner ads so this is new for me and let’s actually go and have a look at the stats for it like I said the Alexa rank 59404 that’s pretty good so anything that 50000 plus one that’s that’s got my attention $75 for 30 days not bad okay that’s that’s pretty good this is actually. By text and description so what that means is it’s not actually a better ride it’s written that and I’ll show you what it looks like right now in fact.
Okay let’s open this up ┬áthat’s interesting you can see it the Alexa ranking mile exit to buy is 61869 + here by the difference it looks like they have this dance for a little bit and I got it now that’s my bad sorry my text then you can say in fact all of the spots were taken.
So I couldn’t do a better at this time so instead I just did the text that should get us the same text as slightly a little bit longer because these guys allowed me more characters than all the homes of the rich side but again I’m free how to get up to 23 checks per month and upwards blah blah blah so on and one more point if I click on that and this is really important for you to get you want to make sure that your rides and your landing page are congruent that’s really really important for example my ad it says free how to get up to 23 checks like a lot of money and recruit without ever having to cold call if they click on that and they see my landing page it’s it’s virtually the exact same thing it’s very close and the only reason it would be different is because I’m constantly split testing this often so I’m changing it around and just like can little minor tweaks of the reason why they want to be close is because if you have an ID and it’s entirely different to your landing page it’s an entirely different offer that’s going to annoy the person because when I click on the add if you don’t deliver what you promised in the ad that just annoying to me that wouldn’t know what year that would annoy me so afraid that if I had been a free website and I clicked on the ad we don’t free website and they landed here there’s no mention of when a free website sorry that would probably frustrate them likely come back and they don’t become a late start you want to make sure the two are congruent.
Sorry I’m pretty excited to see how the stats guy for this. Especially this one because this is for as you can see small business owners and entrepreneurs so this is really my mom can they say they say this is really tired of traffic for me and the other reason why I’m a little bit excited is because what you what you been in the business for some time you start to get to know who your competitors are you get to know who the players are and you’re nice and so what I was looking at the site I came across this then read right here maximum leverage and I know he’s been right that it’s not against me that I can’t actually going to be one of the best trainers in the 10000 lead program is a really good market and so whenever I see you again with a better red wine or that he’s he’s probably getting results then that’s a good sign that if he is if his offer is working or if he’s sabotaging the side they’re not.
I tried to the competition is actually a very very good thing. Don’t shy away from competition and the other way I can tell it’s dying in the is if I call them or if he’s better as you can see there the bottom left corner I can tell that that’s diamonds hide the tracking link so I know I got a text Lee die again and not one of his Affiliates so we’ll see how this goes and once it gets approved I love that you want to stop and show you but we can’t really make a judgment as to how well these had to going until until we’re at least 30 days into this campaign but I just wanted to show you this it’s a great little side and I highly recommend you try it out and look at all the different sites you can have an iPhone next thing I want to show you and you’re probably wondering well how do you get the banner ads made up and this is how you got to the site 99 you can say I’m actually logged in here but you just saw.
Up for an account its free and what you can do is you can watch the contest and designers can actually compete to win The Price is Right quite a few months ago I wanted to get some better at Smite up sorry I went to know any designs and I set up a competition should you cook a Longshot project you describe what you want like I said you just say I want to be better at Smite up and I want them to look like this and you might you might even give them an example of someone else has been read that you like that for about 7 days all of these designers put up their best designs for you so if I drive it here you can see he is he is one this is what you would call and editorial style better and so it’s got a lot riding on it was just something I was experimenting with.
and you can say that they are slightly different designs you say they said the different designs you can see their names and what you want to do is win their submitting designs you want to give them feedback so if you I didn’t really like it have anyone to tell them why she might say I didn’t really like the colors I want you to change this or change that and so on and I have that $7. Eventually as long as you’re giving them lots of feedback as you can see the bottom here on giving quite a bit of feedback then hopefully you’re going to arrive at a better and that you’re pretty happy with that I really like 99designs especially because I’m a bit of a perfectionist so whenever I see a design usually I’m not 100% happy with it so with this it allows me to be very very fussy now at the end of the 7 days then you going to choose the winner and I will get the prize sorry for this while I was offering $145 the more money you offer probably leave the bandages I’m just going to get but I offered $145 and I got I designed this one right here.
Now I got a better idea let me just show you this I think they are much better and let me explain why he’s been one of them to look like a video because my thinking was well it’s like this one and you said that looks like a video it’s just it’s just that’s how we do as you can see this is the actual went off and let me just three men you can see that they they kind of look like YouTube video our plans and then there’s some writing a letter writer actually done for a returning veteran campaign and I’m going to explain what retiring is on another day it’s something new that I’m trying and I feel like cutting edge and I can’t wait to show you these better I’d swear for that and I can say that I definitely will look like videos but also one other thing when you are getting better and tonight I miss the standard sizes that you’re wrong though I’m kind of surprised that Apple 125 x 125 pixels of the small ones so these ones right here what they have 125 x 125 this one right here for rent signature this is 300 pixels wide 150 pixels high and you’ll get to know the standard Banner ad sizes as you go through this fact when you go to the buy sell network if they got to give you all of the standard bed sizes in fact let me just bring up my design brief and I’ll just tell you what they are just so you know you might want to write this down but when you get your banner ads designed.
He has several of them so you got 300 x 250 you’ve got you’ve also got to 50x – 50 equal 120 by 600 that’s the big wide one like I said whenever you see a really wide then I’d sort of like this one at the top right here that’s what that is I believe that’s 120 by 600 wide.
Are you got 728 by 90 actually my mistake the one I just showed you was 728 X 90 to 120 by 600 that’s what you you I believe that’s what our better and okay over a skyscraper been right but you’ve got several sizes so I just actually got a bus and stuff, and you see what the other thing I want to show you can always tell them that I’m doing right now this is where I’m getting there in 29 minutes I haven’t even showered yet do you know which design one but I’m thinking this one right now like I said pretty much that that’s not even designs that’s where you want to go to get hold of you been around mine up and you can only ask that they like you and I might have been around these banner ads will they spend Reds right here like these ones these things are not animated better and I kind of did that just do Graphics they don’t move around but you can get animated banner ads and the reason why you would want to do that is the better and to stand out more that captured the attention of someone on the website.
So in fact right here you can see these better and see how they’re moving around they so obviously out of my day better and if you want you can get you better at Smite they really flashing and they really stand out and it’s it’s better to be outrageous with you better read than it is to make them look to corporate or to have the Blended the worst thing you can have with a better at it is to have one that blends in with the background because no one’s going to click on it if you just paid $300 for that space for 30 days and you don’t get any clue what’s the point I can’t see complete waste of money she got it that’s pretty much it for day one I’m going to keep you updated and I’ll let you know how they said somebody at work but like I said don’t have a look at this have a look at all the different sites trying to pick sides that are somewhat related to your offer that you think your time your ideal Prospect would likely be what would likely be interested in and put some better at some guy’s house so you would die too

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