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How to Link Blogger to Google Adsense

Google Adsense and basically now I want to link my blogger to google Adsense previously we saw how a link to my youtube channel google Adsense now I want to do the same thing I would want to link my blogger to ask and so that the ads inside bloggers can also be sensed in google Adsense when we did that with YouTube so the ads placed in YouTube would be sensed inside Google Adsense and that all on in that would enable us to on revenue and monetize the

specific youtube video now we want to monetize the specific blog inside blogger with the same thing so that’s that’s that then let’s see how we go about linking blog google Adsense so inside the bloggers like I’ve already logged in if you login you will be getting the same thing so if you come down let’s see I mean I need to go to warnings and stuff like that

this out the witness box which I have written and see if I just click on a blog so this is my basically my blog title kind of thing and I might have a single post inside it you can see here that every single post don’t have any comments and well if you see the left-hand side I do have something called the Sonics so let’s see if I can link absence with my openings so my name

is your blog using one report of a free advertising programs so one is using google AdSense to display ads started to do a blog content so that would be great and google Adsense since so it’s very important one is now one thing that google axons blog YouTube they’re all belong to the pan google so it’s like definitely very very very integral so when the right here google Adsense is fully integrated reblogged did differently mean that because this is

all in the same platform as themselves relevant ads on your blog continue creating good content and well let me then like in this page if you can just rewind remember a bit we just meant one of our blogs and we click on links and here we are on get started for signing up for google Addison’s just click on that so you have three different types of things you can if you have already have access account defending the ads account and well if you must have

seen my other video on google AdSense in which I have spoken about the policies and stuff like that google AdSense makes it mandatory that the blogs and stuff like this don’t promote monograph you’re like don’t have stuff which is infringing on copyright are selling drugs and stuff like that so if your blog is compliant with their policies it longer than that that allows advertisers to put out on the adults setup using google AdSense so we have already seen

the video on making an ad unit now once we have that and set up now what do we do with that adding it basically we can do something with that I’d unit only if we have AdSense linked in our blog with google AdSense so just linked to google that the AdSense account so I already have add something on this so just make it already shown how to create a Cinnabon if you remember it was like a three-step process and it was more about having this I mean

setting up your Gmail account to your dancing and then like giving your details and step 2 and step three so there you go like to add some block yes no well definitely yes I don’t want to switch my AdSense account now when I want to onyx and let’s see if water reflects talk about that’s basically I’m sorry I’m already on their own speech so google Adsense us right

out here and like if I go into view dashboard thing you’ll see now that devoted to google AdSense and well this is pretty much it I mean I’ve been devoted to will absence because inside blogger now I have google AdSense inaudible for my blog and in the next video we’ll just see how to use this google AdSense things to post ad units using which advertisements the advertisers can post ad inside those ad units so basically the last we would see

that I have created a skyscraper add unit and I have successfully made 1a doing it so I will try and put em but that ad unit inside my blog and hopefully we should be all set up to have our blog inability of atoms so that if we get popular by chance then something by chance would happen and some advertisers would make us an average well that’s why we are all here aren’t we

so keep doing guys keep pushing the comments and this we were just showing on how to link your blog to Adam second and that we have successfully done so

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