How LG’s OLED displays will shape the future

the birth of display was the beginning of a new world in the world that was revealed by the display we saw a brighter future we have turned imagination into reality we have finally opened up a new realm of innovation for earlier after overcoming numerous challenges through our passion we will make this new world with values that rise above the technology we have

known so far display which broke away from the limits of form more freely overcame the hindrances of expression to expand the value of beauty into a realm of creation close to an art while substituting for familiar functions and emotions we are continuing to imagine through infinity

a window of communication which allows mutual understanding beyond the visible world it always leads us to select the best buy swiftly reacting even at unexpected moments the unlimited evolution of Technology turns all imagination to a display into reality

our old dreams of getting desired information have just all been realized by wearable devices more satisfactory routines are made to be enjoyed by always providing optimum conditions furthermore our desired values are provided anywhere and anytime through thinner and lighter forms interface without gap between humans and technology

and all I technology enters into our environment informs our work in life will be made an ill even further and at the end of all the changes our dreams will be realized although the display is evolving ceaselessly are never changing values will continue to be projected toward human beings a sheet of Display will wrap around

even our hearts and contain values of communication and healing to get us closer to fulfilling our dreams an amazing and precious experience where desires are involved it and all emotions in that space are conveyed through the five senses well we nourish the happiness of the next generation we will advance to this morning

the future dreamed up by everyone the technology that’s making that future a reality all right we’ll be opening up beyond everyone’s imagination

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