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5 Steps to Start Email Marketing

Start Email Marketing
Written by Rauf Saddique

When was last time you emailed your people happy Tuesday today I want to talk to you about the importance of email marketing but more than that give you the 5 Steps to get started with email marketing if you haven’t already you’re going to need to pick up platform that you want to work with maybe you saw the video I did a while back called a barber vs. MailChimp these are my two favorite email marketing platforms that I would advise you to take a look at my phone that you need something that’s a little bit healthier than that but if that’s the case you’re probably not watching this video however remember really great entry-level yet give you a lot to work with type of platforms for you to consider this is the website that’s going to host all those email addresses that you’re collecting in a way that keeps you organized or not sending emails from Gmail or Outlook and it’s coming from a server that you can rely on and that people can unsubscribe from if they need to I think you’re going to do it.
5 Steps to Start Email Marketing 2017

Create your list so once you’ve created an account with one of these email marketing platforms you have to create your main list lot of people like to ask the next question well maybe I should segment maybe I should have multiple let’s just keep it simple your main mailing list just create that and then get sophisticated later down the line once you got this man list locked on my list is called Amy’s Elite but you can name it whatever you want and you can also name the return address name you might want that to be your own name you might want that to be your company name I gave my email subscribers that a man easily so they always see that in your inbox they know exactly what it is when it gets there have to be too cryptic I’ve seen some startups try to summarize their name and an acronym and then I forget who it is altogether and unsubscribe from the email not even thinking or trashing it and definitely not opening it will be as clear as possible in your return name who it is so people don’t forget about you next you got your list all set up you’re ready to collect email addresses but.
5 Steps to Start Email Marketing 2016
Before we get to that point you need to create your first autoresponder the email that goes out immediately after somebody confirms their subscriptions you sign up for anything that you get my free gift right now it’s my ultimate Twitter guide so in order for you to get that I need to create an autoresponder that has that attachment included once you update and I’m just going to let it sit somewhere unless you opt-in to the email list of the only way to guarantee that’s the case is for me to make it an attachment for your first autoresponder set to go out immediately after you’ve opted instead of more autoresponders if you like I have a few more that go out after you’ve signed up so one a couple days later that has all the most popular blog posts to catch you up and then one goes out a couple weeks later saying hey what are you struggling with what are you still working on that I can help you with all the responders are a great way for you to do less work but actually keep up with your subscribers more efficiently and acts.
5 Steps to Start Email Marketing 2015
Really find out ways that you can better do your job and helping them or creating stuff that will help them before they even realize it while you’re wondering how I keep coming up with video ideas autoresponders next we need to create those often forms for your website because now we’ve got your list ready and we have that autoresponder ready to go with your free gift so we just have to advertise that everybody that your email marketing platform go to your list and create a sign-up form specifics that list maybe create one for your side bar which is something that should be seen throughout every page of your website for the most part of you create an entire landing page for your opt-in form I actually created a pain to back in the day that was called why subscribe it was underneath the sidebar opt-in form for people that are like why would I do this I don’t know I want to sign up for this I gotta take them to a whole page that said well here’s what I might even want to create an opt-in form for your about page because that’s also a great place where people are just getting.
I’m there and go to learn more about you to see if they want to stick around we’ll decide to stay because of what they’ve learned and then sign up for your email from there so great place to get those email addresses as well as Lee but most importantly prepare that first email blast to go out if you don’t do that and you were like a hundred percent on autoresponders you’re not going to have a healthy list and you need to be very clear in both your opt-in form and in your newsletters how regularly you plan to communicate with them so that they’re not ever caught off guard and they can unsubscribe whenever they want at the bottom of any email inconsistent and delivering this transparency is a great way to keep people very very happy on your email list which is exactly what you want because when they’re on this was there probably thinking about how they might be able to do business with you in the future if not at least stay tuned to the value until they’re able to make that decision and it’s over today so just thank you so much for turning and I appreciate it as always he sponsor for this episode is Savvy sexy social life.
5 Steps to Start Email Marketing 2014
Columbus date is showing up really really quick and so if you are in the Midwest and hoping to come I suggest you check it out this week because registration increases this weekend so get on that Savvy sexy social life will have the one and only Austin Evans as our guest speaker so I hope to see you there side of brain easily if you don’t miss a beat that’s my email marketing newsletter will get all the videos of podcast everything I do goes out in that email because you guys need to know what’s up and that’s the best way to say to you and even be able to email me whenever you have questions remember I love getting emails because it gives me new ideas all the time so check that out and I’ll see you tomorrow for sexy Friday

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